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Critique on What Makes a Successful Online Student - Book Report/Review Example

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Critique on “What Makes a Successful Online Student?”
This is an article that poses between a how-to and a tutorial, enumerating how a student learning online should behave in order to be successful in the non-traditional way of learning…
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Critique on What Makes a Successful Online Student
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Extract of sample "Critique on What Makes a Successful Online Student"

Download file to see previous pages Online learning is something novel and not many have undergone the experience. On the whole, the article is simplistic in approach and does not go very deep into some arguments but merely enumerate. There is no named author for the article.

The writing in this piece is barely enough for anyone wanting to know about the basic requirements in online learning. The critical issues presented [but not treated as issues] include the following: 1) "The traditional school will never go away." However, the feature of the traditional school that makes it so was not highlighted. The writer assumes that the reader knows. Anyone not having experienced online learning, however, will not be able to compare these modes of traditional and online learning.

2) "Online is a convenient way to receive education but it is not an easier way." The writer only said it is not easier because the requirements are not less than those required in traditional learning. The comparison is only on quantity, and nothing is said on quality. 3) "Online is not for everybody." The argument here is that there are some who may only prefer traditional classrooms; therefore may not be happy online. This contention, however, is better supported with evidence as assessments without any basis shortchanges the reader. The experiences differ in this aspect as when people may be talking about the tightness of schedules or treatment of management on students. Larrabee (2006), for example said he found that on-line learning is not always as flexible and busy- schedule friendly as claimed to be. He said, "I soon found out that it was almost unacceptable and if I did not log on everyday, I could fall behind and possibly be penalized."
4) "While the level of social interaction can be very high in the virtual classroom given that many barriers come down in the online format, it is not the same as living in a dorm on a campus." Why "many barriers come down" in the online format may need some examples to illustrate what the writer means. Does this mean making it easy for the shy, those melting from having to speak with other people face-to-face The writer may benefit from Leslie's (1993) description about networks making obscure social distinctions such as race, gender, disabilities, physical appearance, including social status receding in cyberspace, and all that counts is one's capability for expression.
5) "Once a student gets behind, it is almost impossible to catch up". Why If the work involved is demarcated with weekly schedules, can't the student catch up since anyway there are time markers Does this have to do with class discussions as anyone left behind would have no one to discuss with What has time got to do with it if there are markers Again, there was no elaboration.
6) A thesis that closely capsulizes the discussion in the article is this. "Just as many excellent instructors may not be effective online facilitators, not all students possess the necessary qualities to perform well online." The article is oriented to the student. However, even if done in passing, if an intriguing statement is made, it needs support by way of an explanation. So, is this because excellent instructors lacked the experience of being online students Is it because they have to interact with the students from time to time In what area are they not effective For this part not to be questioned, the least the writer should have done is mention a reference or a source.
This part of the statement is followed by "students not possessing the necessary qualities to perform online." The 10 enumerated qualities which are more of pieces of advice and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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