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Education is primarily recognised with schooling, but in broader concept it is much beyond that of simple schooling. In the United Kingdom (UK), apart from schooling, the education is also concerned with the logical, the rational and the social development of people. …
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Whole School Development: Enabling Effective Inclusion
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Download file to see previous pages Education in the UK has been particularly significant as an instrument of social policy, not only for welfare of people but also for the welfare of society and corporate structure. The major focus of education in the UK is improvement of individual intellectuality and morality. It works as a way of communicating social standards and ethics, therefore at times is viewed as a system of social control. The education system in the UK serves in the industrial progression and the economic development by generating a proficient workforce and providing instructive services (Spicker, n.d.). During post war era, the education system of the UK had gone through several reforms. In the period of 1980s, the educational system of the UK had faced decreasing standards with an increased tendency of leaving school at the early stage. Therefore, in the period of 1980s to 1990s, the UK had presented market instruments in their educational system for developing the standards. These instruments focused on increasing parental choice and thereby improving the responsibility of state subsidised schools (Machin & Vignoles, 2006). Along with the market instruments, the UK had also developed two substantial national educational policies. The first policy was familiarised in the year 1980 for increasing educational curriculum standards for students of 7 to 16 years. The second educational reform policy was introduced in the year 1998 by involving every primary school for specific objective of improving the basic skills of students (Machin & Vignoles, 2006). Apart from that, in order to deal with the early leaving problem in education, the UK had reformed the educational qualification for improving the desirability of professional qualification. The UK had introduced “Educational Maintenance Allowance” which compensates students from poor families in case they remain in full time education even after 16 years (Machin & Vignoles, 2006). Whole School Development Concept in the UK The whole school development ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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