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Dear friends, I am going to talk about these thousands, the homeless people. It has been estimated that there were between 235,000 and 434,000 people who were homeless…
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Individual Presentation( about homeless people)
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Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen Spending a night under the open sky is an entertainment for few, but it’s a routine hardship for thousands. Dear friends, I am going to talk about these thousands, the homeless people. It has been estimated that there were between 235,000 and 434,000 people who were homeless in the United States on an average day in 2005 (USDHUD, 2007). The fact that 1.6 million children were homeless in the US in the year 2010 suggests the seriousness of the issue (Bassuk, E.L., et al, 2011).
Homelessness has serious implications on health and psychology of the people. Lack of physical space exposes individuals to unhygienic conditions which can lead to serious health issues. Moreover, the insecurity that the lack of a permanent shelter imparts on an individual causes serious outcomes in terms of his or her psychological well being. When it comes to the case of children these implications are much serious.
Homelessness amongst children can lead to serious consequences affecting their growth and their future. It has been found from experiences around the world that homeless children are prone to risks of abuse, child labor, addiction and health issues. Physical and sexual abuse of children who live on streets is a very common incidence being reported all across the world. Forced child labor is also a very sad but common consequence of homelessness amongst children. The plight of these children without homes must be an eye opener for all of us.
It must be realized that a shelter is a basic right for every human being. The implications of homelessness have always been proved to be serious. Governments and Human Rights organizations must take serious measures to ensure that every individual has a shelter. Especially, no child must be deprived of a safe shelter. Every measure be taken that the welfare of the homeless is taken care of. It becomes our responsibility as a fellow citizen, as a fellow human being
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Bassuk, E.L., et al. (2011). America’s Youngest Outcasts: 2010. The National Center on Family Homelessness. Retrieved from Read More
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