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This circular is written in the capacity of a member and a chairperson of student’s rights movement, formed by students from various Universities in the country in…
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LGBT Rights - Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Social Movement
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LGBT rights; Lesbians, Gays, Bisexual, transgender movement rights movement The recent past has witnessed debates on whether or not, the LGBT have equal rights as straight people. This circular is written in the capacity of a member and a chairperson of student’s rights movement, formed by students from various Universities in the country in conjunction with the commission for human rights and the various university administrations to advocate for the rights of the minorities. Membership of the movement includes minority behaviors such as Lesbians, Gays, Bisexual and transgender (Padilla, p. 20).
Message about student’s right movement
Since the organization’s formation two years ago, it has faced many challenges in the advocacy of the rights of Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals and transgender in various Universities in the country. The idea of forming the movement was not to increase the number of LGBT, but to advocate for their acceptance and behavior change.
What is LGBT?
LGBT is an abbreviation of Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals and transgender
Membership of LGBT
Lesbians are the sexual and romantic practices between females
Gays are males that express their romantic and sexual desires with each other
Bisexuals are people who express their sexual or romantic desires to either of the sex male or female
Transgender is a term used to describe those people who tends to behave different from the known culture of a given sex, a male behaving like a woman or vise versa
Information about LGBT
Sigmond Freud, a renowned psychologist has argued that LGBT relates to sexuality and psychological acquisitions in the process of a person’s development. According to the medical psychologist’, lesbianism and homosexuality depends on feminism and masculinity aspects that depicts gender. As a result, women with masculine characteristics will tend to prefer male roles in relationships. They as a result search for females over whom they can play the masculine gendered behavior. Similarly, homosexuality is a manifestation of feminism in males where a male with feminist features attracts other masculine males leading to gays (West, p. 202)
Bisexual is a sexual orientation that that may not be easy to tell since these people are also heterosexuals, they may be married to the opposite sex but still practice these kind of behavior hence the confusion (West, p. 203)
Transgender is on the other hand a practice that we is common in daily lives. It is believed to have originated from China during the wars of 15th century where strong women could dress as men while weak men like women (West 203, 204)
Are the LGBT accepted in the universities/confrontations
LGBT community has not been able to enjoy as much rights in the Universities like other students. Members have for instance been segregated against and many of them expelled from various Universities when the behavior is observed. Similarly, these students has never been accepted by their peers in college environments. They are always looked down upon in terms of students’ representations in the students unions. The level of discrimination against LGBT students has sometimes unfair treatments in which the community have at times been denied access to accommodation on grounds of their sexuality (Sears, p. 509)
The organization is calling upon University students’ fraternity to be positive in their interactions with members of the community. Membership into the organization is also encouraged, not to be part of the LGBT oriented sexuality, but to help in fighting for the rights of members of the group of the minority group.
Works cited
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