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Social movement campaign leaflets - Essay Example

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Social Movement Campaign Leaflets LGBT LGBT For many decades’ lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender social movements have been ignored. Despite intensive campaign by non-governmental organizations which are against the discrimination of these groups, little progress has been made…
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Social movement campaign leaflets
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Download file to see previous pages Mainly these people have been prejudiced in the work place and even in social environment. It is therefore, the high time that the people know that being a lesbian, bisexual or gay is a personal choice just like the way a person decides to get married or not. The people should therefore, respect the decision of these people and not look at them as people who are immoral. The culture has been locking out many people who would like to join this group an aspect that has barred the happiness of these people. In this life we have been compelled to act in a certain way but, it is the high time that people react according to their feelings and perception. Culture should not be used as a shield to prevent some people from getting their happiness but instead it should be used as a channel to unite different people who have different sexual orientations (Sandfort, 2000). LGBT is aimed at bringing lesbians, gays, bisexual and transgender movements together in order for their voice to be heard by the government and other law making bodies. It is therefore, aiming at compelling the government to pass laws that are friendly to the decision made by these groups. In addition, the movement tries to address issues that might be affecting these people through taking up legal process in case the rights of the members of the group are violated. KKK The government has been undermining the rights of the citizens through discouraging the formation of groups that agitate for their rights. As a result, Ku Klux Klan has been ensuring that the voice of the people reach the government in order for changes to be implemented. The poor has been ignored by the government as the government has been mainly concentrating on the issues affecting the middle income earners and upper class. As a result, the group acts as an intermediary between the government and lower class people. Although different crimes and cases of hooliganism has been associated with the group, the group main role remains and will remain agitating for good governance through requesting the people to be involved in decision making processes. With cases of gays, lesbianism and bisexual relationship increasing, this group is aiming at campaigning against these groups. We are a society that has morals and a well established culture therefore issues such as these should be opposed with all means possible. The country has been faced by illegal migration. As a result American citizen has been losing jobs in favor for the migrants an aspect that has resulted to increased unemployment. As a result, this group is aimed at agitating for stiffer laws to curb illegal migrations in order to safeguard the interests of the American people. The movement is also determined in ensuring that it collaborates with law enforcers in order to reduce crime rate in urban areas. This is aimed at improving the business environment. This will also be achieved through requesting the public to participate in community policing an aspect that will reduce the crime rate tremendously (Quarles, 1999). Government has been for long undermining the civil groups which work tirelessly in representing the issues affecting the common citizen. This group therefore, has a mandate of ensuring that they are not undermined but instead they are respected by the government. In addition, minority groups such as women and other issues such as same sex ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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