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In the paper “Charity Giving” the author analyzes charity as a disposition to hope and think the best of others and to put a good construction on their words and behaviour. The distribution, size and frequency of charitable donations from individual givers are dependent on their personal values…
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Charity Giving
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Download file to see previous pages Any person with high values and cultural values will provide high donation as per his or her financial status. Some may do charity for the help of the society by giving blood and donating the body organs in order to help others. This is done by the people due to their own moral values. The regularity of charity whether financial or in other forms depends largely on the person and his or her values in life. None of the charitable organisations can influence them as they are guided by their own ideas and views. A few people refer charitable giving as a personal value which is incorporated in the individual from the beginning of his/her life by the parents. The importance of finance and the gesture to help others in need are the values, which influence the charitable actions of the people. These values are incorporated among the people from the childhood (Duncan, 1999). No charitable institutions, advertisements and marketing strategies can influence the people. Charity depends on the people and it depends on the personal freedom and rights of the people to whether they want to do charity or not. Charity can be in money and also in kind. Personal values influence to a considerable extent the charitable action of the people. However, not only the values but also the demographic factors, such as the age of the person, wealth, gender and education contribute towards charitable behaviour. Strong personal values along with moral values have a high degree of influence charitable giving. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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