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The paper "Krumboltz’s Theory - Journal Critique" describes the main crux of Krumboltz’s theory is to help develop a career selection based on behavioral theories. A few of the factors that have a major effect on the goals and performance include, the factors like gender, race, physical health, disabilities, and environmental variables…
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Krumboltzs Theory - Journal Critique
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Journal Critique
The main crux of Krumboltz’s theory is to help develop a career selection based on behavioral theories. Considering the forth point of the social cognitive theory, it is clear that a few of the factors that have a major effect on the goals and performance include, the factors like gender, race, physical health, disabilities, and environmental variables. These have a major impact on the self efficacy development and at the end also have a major impact on the goals and performance as well (Brown). The two journals that have been chosen for this research are: a) African American Adolescents’ Future Education Orientation: Associations with Self-efficacy, Ethnic Identity, and Perceived Parental Support, b) Utah’s School Counseling Data Projects: A Statewide Initiative
Social Background:
As seen in the cases, it is clear that almost all students that have been chosen in the articles come from a low social background and in most cases do not have even an average amount of education that is possible. Considering the forth aspect and factor that influences the career developmental plans, Task approach skills, it is essential to understand that this refers to the skills that are applied by individuals to new tasks or problems. The best examples of these include, work habits, perceptual and cognitive processes (Brown).
In the articles that have been presented, it is clear that the authors have used Krumboltz’s Social Learning Theory to assess the students and the plan is based on this assessment. The goals that have been set down in the paper are based on the acquisition of self knowledge and the required skills for negotiating in a world where the level of uncertainty is always high (Kerpelman, Eryigit and Stephens). The decision made in this article also highlights the need that people tend to take poor decisions if the learning opportunity is presented to them, and it is essential to explain the importance of the decision making by career counseling. The article has also highlights that the Utah schools have adopted counseling where the students to counselor ration should account to three hundred and fifty students for each counselor. In the article of Utah’s School counseling, the authors have included some essential elements like the demographic information like sex, race, creed and other relevant information based on which the authors have suggested a plan based on the explanation provided by Krumboltz (Bitner, -Stevenson and Burnham).
The article by Thoresen, Hosford, and Krumboltz, ‘Determining Effective Models for Counseling Clients of Varying Competencies’, also highlights how the difference in the social modeling techniques also has a clear impact on the behavior of the clients and observers. The authors have used the theory suggested by Krumboltz and have based the entire research to support the theory and provide a better view of the social background and its impact (Thoresen, Hosford and Krumbolte).
Race and Creed:
The Krumboltz’s case teaches clearly that one of the major factors while deciding a career plan for a group of people is to consider the race and creed and also keep in mind the previous history of learning as it would assist in better planning for the students and create a more effective career development plan. The theory by Krumboltz has a allows a chance to increase the associative learning experience and also allows the individuals to react well to factors like gender, race, creed and also including factors like both the planned as well as unplanned occurrences as well.
Other factors:
Another very essential factor that has been included and provided in the article by (Spoth, Trudeau and Guyll), clearly indicates the importance of family intervention and how these interventions in the previous stages can clearly have an impact on the young adults and also abstain them from getting addicted to unhealthy habits. This also highlights, Krumboltz’s theory and contributes to the theory to quite a great extent. The article also provides a clear interlink of how the intervention of a parent or a family can lead to a delayed or no use of any substance by the young adults.
Together it is essential to note that the four main factors that affect the career decision making include: a) Genetic Endowment and special abilities, b) Environmental conditions and events, c) Learning Experience and d) Task Approach Skills. Irrespective of the schools or the area where the schools are located the various authors and scholars have noted that the intervention of family has a major impact on the young adults and this impact can help them make very important decisions in their lives (Spoth, Trudeau and Guyll).
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