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Mine Collapse on 33 Chilean Miners Some of the considerations that can be remembered given the different roles and people in the audience are the specific concerns of the parties involved as well as the concerns progress…
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Mine Collapse on 33 Chilean Miners
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Mine Collapse on 33 Chilean Miners Some of the considerations that can be remembered given the different roles and people in the audience are the specific concerns of the parties involved as well as the concerns progress. Considering the families case, the initial concern would be the state and the conditions of their loved ones although in this case, the condition of the victims were unknown because they were trapped for two weeks. Unrelatedly, the nature of the news would have necessitated the presence of at least some counselors that may comfort the families (Crenshaw, 2013). Families would be concerned about the employees who were trapped yet were the main breadwinner in their respective families. It is apparent that the main consideration to remember in this particular incident includes humanitarian, friendship and colleagues that were deeply concerned about their families. Such kind of incidences do not require rescue as an option and trapped miners may be considered lost causes and crosses would be mannered into the ground. Concerns regarding the livelihood of the family member must be given first priority but when the victim survives the safety of the family upon return to the mine should be considered. Some of the probable needs for the family include grief support, continuous counseling, financial compensation for the time lost as well as wages that may help them (Devol, 2010). Employees need to react immediately and offer every support possible to their colleagues’ families both emotionally, morally, and financially as well as volunteering to participate in activities that may help in rescuing the trapped employees. The wellbeing of the trapped employees will greatly be considered by the fellow employees although this will be quickly be replaced by the victims’ families concern. Before and after the message is delivered, there should be strong commitment and support from the company employees. The support need to be offered in all aspects including financial, moral, and physical (Parry & Rettner, 2010). Communication directed to the families of the victims Family members of the trapped would initially be contacted by phone and the message would read as follows; There was an accident at the mine today and your husband was involved and his condition is currently unknown. The company requests you to come down to the mine with other family members where everyone will be gathered and the company will provide more details and address every question that you may ask. The company will further carry out a conference with the family members at the site as follows; The company mine goes through extreme challenges after her significant workforce has been stuck in the mine as they were doing exploration trip. The company is carrying out rescue work as it puts a lot of hope and concentrated effort to ensure that the trapped employees are rescued. It is worth noting that information via the electronic communication has revealed that some of the trapped people inside the mine are alive. The technical rescue team and other experts from the company are executing their job very well on the ground and the company is committed to constant updates by keeping the communication lines open. There is high quality integrated safety culture that have been embedded in the collapsed mine scene (Parry & Rettner, 2010). The company is working on every possible solution to see the crisis through to the end by ensuring a strong teamwork and dedication. Families and friends are therefore requested to stay calm as the whole situation is being taken care of professionally. There will be support and counseling groups at the company gate and around the mining site who will be devoted in comforting and counseling family and friends. Everyone is required to stay calm as the rescue process is carried out (33 Chilean Miners-Chile, 2013). Communication as an internal news release to employees in the company A memo would be handed over to all the employees since the employees should be provided with additional information, as this measure would address the issue immediately. After the unfortunate mine incident, all the miners are requested to keep calm and collected as they undergo the ordeal. There are sufficient plans put in place to ensure that the issue is professionally solved by the pool of experts who have been employed in the ground. More other companies have been asked to join hands in the rescue process and there are many hopes of rescuing the fellow employees. Every employee is therefore urged to keep calm as we look forward to a successful operation. There is high quality integrated safety culture that have been embedded in the collapsed mine scene. The Company is working on every possible solution to see the crisis through to the end by ensuring a strong teamwork and dedication. References 33 Chilean Miners-Chile. (2013, August 4). Retrieved From Http://Www.33miners.Com/ Crenshaw, Dorothy. (2010, October 13). Crisis management: Lessons from the Chilean Mine Rescue. Crenshaw Communications. Retrieved From Http://Crenshawcomm.Com/Crisis-Management-What-We-Learned-From-The-Chilean-Mine-Rescue/#.Urzxv9jdte8 Devol. (2010, October 13). What The Chilean Mine Saga Can Teach You About Crisis Communications. Retrieved From Http://Devolpr.Wordpress.Com/2010/10/13/What-The-Chilean-Mine-Saga-Can-Teach-You-About-Crisis-Communications/ Parry, Wynne and Rettner, Rachael. (2010, August 26). Chile Mine Collapse: Facts About The Amazing Survival Story. Retrieved From Http://Www.Livescience.Com/11169-Chile-Collapse-Facts-Amazing-Survival-Story.Html Read More
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Mine Collapse on 33 Chilean Miners Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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