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Facebook and Romantic Relationships Name Institution Date Facebook and Romantic Relationships Abstract This review examines the popular use of social media sites such as Facebook and how it affects romantic relationships. Romantic relationships are a crucial aspect of the human life therefore these make it interesting and extremely important to learn how daily interaction with Facebook can actually strain ones romantic life…
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Download file to see previous pages It is true in some cases that people with certain personalities such as jealousy may be prone to using Facebook and at the same time his frequency of being jealousy remains high. It is easily assumed that the use of Facebook has created peculiar and unnatural facets in romantic relationships which contributes to extra feelings of jealousy and mistrust in relationships. The impacts of these results are extremely important and relevant to pay attention to mainly because it is a modern challenge and it has not been remedied. A good number of people who took part in the survey confirmed that their relationships improved after they had stopped using Facebook. Quitting Facebook may not be an option that many people are interested in but, still there is a need to find a solution. Further and wider research is needed to come up with workable solutions that can remedy the problem. This can also provides us with effective ways on how to understand and cope with the elements of jealousy and mistrust that Facebook has introduced in romantic relationships. ...
However due to its influence its popularity grew and the amount of people using it increased enormously and eventually had its way to other universities and the public. Gaining interest in Facebook means having interest in those who are in your online social environment and friends, this means that if you are dating you will also have some significant others in your romantic life. In another twist Facebook has several features that reveal relationship status of a person. It has options such as “In a relationship”, “Single”, “In an open relationship” and “married”. Facebook also provides users with options to upload pictures using computers, cameras and mobile phones these gives users a chance to display pictures showing them having a good time with their boyfriends or girlfriends. In another sense these shows that Facebook supports romantic relationship and allows it to thrive online. The big question is what happens if people being to misuse this opportunity and start perusing selfish interests? In this survey the ruining of offline romantic relationships linked to operation of Facebook is examined to establish how and why the problem occurs. Literature review The initial investigations and research about the relationship between Facebook and romantic relationship was carried out by Reis and Sprecher. They carried out their study on anonymous Facebook users, the majority of the sample people that they used consisted of people who were already in relationships. They used interviewing questions related to feelings of mistrust and jealousy as a product of using Facebook. Some of the questions asked included “how would a partner feel if his boyfriend or girlfriend has added an unknown member of an opposite sex as a friend? “In this study the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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