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What Impact Do Social Media Sites Have on Love Relationships - Term Paper Example

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The author of this paper provides detailed information on how social media impacts love relations. The method of acquisition of data includes secondary data. The results of the data analyzed show that social media affect relationships significantly…
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What Impact Do Social Media Sites Have on Love Relationships
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Extract of sample "What Impact Do Social Media Sites Have on Love Relationships"

Download file to see previous pages Since the introduction of massive social medial in the mid-1990s, electronic media has reshaped the way people convey a message to each other (Wheels et al, 1984). Emails, twits, forums, as well as instant message, have introduced a new meaning for the term community. Social media has successfully managed to provide a platform for the exercise of romantic relationships. Most people use social media sites such as Myspace as well as Twitter to not only create relationships but also to sustain relationships with other people (Urista et al., 2009). The purpose of this report is to expound on how the growing demand has resulted in the creation of thousands of web sites as well as social media. The spending so much time on social media as well as web site affects the personality of the users. Additionally, more energy is diverted to the virtual than real life and people have been found to lose track of their own personalities while building online ones. This report will provide detailed information on how social media really impact people’s lives. It will, however, detail specifically on people’s love life. The limitation of this report, however, is the use of mainly secondary data in justifying that social media impact on the love life of people.
Non-academic, as well as academic information regarding the business question (what impact do social media sites have on love relationships), was used. The non-academic information required was taken on popular forums that talked about the subject but also on psychological essay realized on this topic. Academic information, on the other hand, was obtained from many reports that were consulted with the intention of having a global idea on the topic as well as the information that was to be used. Research and development of this subject made by doctors were also taken into consideration. Books about psychological influences and media impact on people were also part of the academic information. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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