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Media Reflections - Assignment Example

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Media Reflections Name Institution Media Reflections The media shapes and controls the scale and form of human association and interaction since it gives the information regarding and or that is required by the society and its constituents. The specific work of the media is to keep people informed on different aspects of life including social, economic, and political aspects of life among other areas…
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Media Reflections Assignment
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Download file to see previous pages What is known with Americans is about the world is more inconsistent to the influence they have and how it control resources. An erroneous rule of thumb for foreign correspondents covering the world’s news is that “all everyone cares is about earthquakes and rebellions”. On the other hand, most Americans get their news from television and newsletters including magazines. However, television is the last effective media in communicating in-depth news with great knowledge due to its distortions and sparseness. If numbers can mean anything, journals and newspapers are not doing their job in getting Americans informed that they have a lot to learn from other newly developed countries. Most average sized newspapers are found to publish a maximum of one thousand words in a day for foreign news. This discards much of the total words furnished by the syndicates and news agencies. There are estimated less than four hundred full time correspondents for United States news organizations internationally serving the U.S. This is fewer than the number of correspondents who were at work at the end of the Second World War. The printing press was found to have numerous effects on people’s association and interactions. It was found to foster nationalism while at the same time promoted individualism. People could not engage in association in the mind of being a liability. The printing press also set up the literacy rates among the working people and on the middle class people. Knowledge was democratized among all members of the state. People could obtain knowledge on specific areas with much support from the printing press (Harrison, 1996). The printing press was as well found to have speeded up the dissemination and the preservation of knowledge among all members of the state. In relation to the internet in the modern day media, these functions of the printing press correspond to the specific effects portrayed through the study of the internet today. Interaction among individuals is greatly enhanced by the internet while many of the internet users. The internet shapes the users knowledge through the interaction by different people. It democratizes knowledge with no limitation to all users (McLuhan, 2006).  Information is known to be in form of power. This is now known than ever in the third world countries and they are therefore calling for new international order of information. The newly developed countries have their demands going unheeded due to the lack of a substantial change in the world system of information dissemination. The American media in particular, are highly influential. The feature films, popular press, commercial TV and the hit parades were all invented in U.S. they were then imported and copied by the rest of the nations. Very little of the Anglo-American news film agencies and news select the images for the perception of international political information in the world. Information is no longer treated as a commodity but as a service at the disposal of every person. In the same way, if a new world order of information is established, the third world nations must consolidate their information media as well as the western highly developed technological states must assist. People make use of the media in criticizing the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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