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Analyze the Art Exhibit by Ken Ellis, Gathering - Essay Example

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Analysis of the art exhibit of ken Ellis “Gathering’ Name: Professor: Institution: Course: Date: Analysis of the art exhibit of ken Ellis “Gathering” Introduction Visual arts which include paintings and drawings have a big role in the society (Galvin, 2011)…
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Analyze the Art Exhibit by Ken Ellis, Gathering
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Download file to see previous pages This goes a long way to help them define themselves. Arts also add depth to people’s cultural backgrounds. This essay seeks to analyze Ken Ellis “Gathering” and some of his other art works as portrayed in the Chicago cultural center exhibition. The event is to take place at Chicago and this suggests that it would be a successful one. Chicago is the third largest city in the United States, with a population of nearly three million people. It is a cultural city as most cultural events take place and this is proven by the number of facilities that promote the cultural scheme. The facilities range from dozens of cultural institutions, historical sites, and museums, more than 200 theaters, and nearly 200 art galleries. There are also some few factors which suggest and prove as to the fact where nearly 40 million people visit Chicago annually. Some of these factors are Chicago being the first and largest municipalities to require public art in various strategies and this led to passage of the Percentage-for-Arts Ordinance in 1978, and the Art Institute of Chicago which has one of the largest and most extensive collections of impressionist and post-impressionist paintings in the world. The building and street where the exhibition is to be held is accessible and convenient. The Chicago cultural center, 78 E. Washington St. ...
According to Galvin, the programme can be experimental, intellectual, or innovative. An analysis of the event’s programme reveals that it is intellectual in nature. The event is meant to be a talk about Ken Ellis exhibition of “Gathering.” Ideas are exchanged between different people as they try to justify their opinions on their understanding of the painting. This allows for most of the people to think extensively and base their perspectives about the painting on a broader point of view. The content of the exhibition is shallow as it is based on the single painting of Ken Ellis and this narrows down the whole event content-wise. Therefore, most of the people at the exhibit are narrowed to a particular content of the exhibition and this discourages them to think from a wider perspective about the whole exhibition (Surin, 2009). Also the exhibition is held in the Chicago cultural center and thus the programme relates to the definition of the center as the Ken Ellis “Gathering “ points out on a cultural perspective as lots of people are seen to have gathered either for a function that involves the whole society. This also proves that the exhibition is based on a simple platform as the title is quite simple, understandable and relevant to the artistic painting. This eliminates the seriousness except for the fact that most people might come up with many questions regarding the painting as one has the freedom to think on a broader perspective about the painting. The exhibition also gives room for an international platform as the painting may be associated with most cultures all around the world since gatherings are the only ways to reach masses on any matters concerning the society ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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