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Pursuing a Degree in Organizational Communications - Admission/Application Essay Example

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In the paper “Pursuing a Degree in Organizational Communications” the author describes that he would be the perfect candidate for a spot at the Organizational Communications program, for he brings with himself the very traits at being successful…
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Pursuing a Degree in Organizational Communications
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Download file to see previous pages At the time of my high school graduation, I graduated with honors and continued to carry on the legacy to Prince George’s Community College. I am not one to crumble under the workload, instead, I seem to take the challenge head-on. While attending school all yeworkloadI graduated from, Prince George's Commuted-college as a member of Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society in December 2011 with three Associate Degree's and continued to pursue my Bachelor’s Degree at University of Maryland.
Now finally at Bowie State, I can expand my wings, learn and grow for I feel I have enough academic and professional experience under my belt. I am not coming from a confused, unsure state of mind where I am uncertain of my path. My professional background seems to work right in the inner circles of the Organizational Communications degree, has taught me many of the traits and tricks that come with the field. Landing an internees job at Radio One, Inc. headquarters in Washington DC and theater becoming the youngest employee in the DC market really helped open me up to a whole new business world, making me meet numerous radio personalities and allowing me to gain a sense of community and outreach. Moreover, introducing me to one part of organizational communications and helping me understand the work and process that undergoes with the profession. Furthermore, I was lucky enough to get a lot of first-hand feel and exposure when I created my own business P? Media, where I manage and work with not only plenty of mainstream artist but also a huge clientele who I assist in freely helping in building or working towards their dream careers and jobs. Therefore, to sum it up against my professional background particularly seems to work hand in hand with the organizational communications degree, for I come with a lot of exposure and knowledge, yet at the same time with an undying thirst to learn more. I feel one of the hardest decisions to make after finally deciding what to get a master’s degree in, is where to get it from. In context to both what and where I think I’ve been quite lucky and privileged; for my decisions making was not only aided but also maneuvered by certain events. First and foremost, my choice to attend Bowie State University has a lot to do with the exposure I received after holding the special pleasure of meeting Dr. O’Brien. Moreover, with reference to where I see myself in the near future, Bowie State and it is Organizational Communications graduate program helps in mending, molding and making it possible. I will not hide the fact that my initial decision was to attend an Ivy League School aiming for a double study, one of them being a master’s degree in Media Management and the other a Media Law degree. However, now I not only feel but I am also certain that Bowie State is the right fit for me, regardless of so many people advising me not to attend the same school I did for undergraduate. Nevertheless, irrespective of the bits of advice, I stand true to my choice primarily because the Organizational Communications program fulfills the very criteria I set down personally when it comes to prioritizing education. Additionally, my determination to continue education at Bowie State has a lot to do with how the Organizational Communications program is like a small yet very welcoming family. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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