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The Application of Such in the Nursing Context - Research Paper Example

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The following text study discusses the additional training which a nurse can acquire thus making them better practising professionals in the field. The definition of additional training in this context refers to the extra skills which one can go for…
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The Application of Such in the Nursing Context
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Download file to see previous pages The definition of additional [specialized] training in this context refers to the extra skills which one can go for. These can be twofold; either related to the nursing skills earlier acquired, or totally different from nursing. All in all these skills add up to make the nurse a better professional with added advantages when it comes to completion. These additional skills may be specializing in specific nursing sub-categories (nursing is wide), furthering their level of education, or learning side skills such as healthy living or business skills. The first additional skill that a nurse can acquire is directly in their related field, and that is simply by furthering their nursing knowledge beyond the basic training offered to nurses. Normally, a nurse will qualify to work after they attain a three-year nursing degree (Nazarko 17). Such nurses are general, that is, they do not have any particular specialities. They, therefore, perform the general roles of nursing such as caring for patients, instructing them on medical issues, providing personalized care, and all other practices of upholding good health. A nurse may, however, decide to further their nursing skills by pursuing higher certifications such as Bachelor of Science Degrees, then further into masters, PhD, or doctrines in nursing. Those who attain such certifications become ready to be absorbed into the job market, which is ever expanding in terms of higher-skilled labour. These qualifications place one above the basic entry-level nurse. Additionally, a qualified nurse may focus on other speciality options which are multiple in the offering. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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