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Media and Communication - Essay Example

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Running Head: REVIEW OF BLOG Review of Blog Introduction From the very beginning Social Networking Sites (SNS), have attached number of users and in modern age, the use of social networking sites increasing in rapid pace…
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Media and Communication
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Download file to see previous pages 210-212). Blog is also a kind of social networking site. According to Enzer (1994), Blog can be defined as a website or webpage manage by an individual or organization or group of people in which items are posted on a regular basis and displayed in a reverse chronological order. According to him the word blog is a short form of weblog. Maintaining a blog or adding any article or comments in any existing blog is knows as blogging. Articles or comments post in a blog known as blog posts, posts or entries. A person who is making these posts is the blogger. Generally a blog is consisting of text, hypertext, images, and links. According to Enzer, it is a more conventional way of documentation (Enzer, 1994). According to Rowse (2005), there are some features associated with any blog. These are archives and comments. Archives of any blog consist of old massages or post made by any individual on any blog. As the comments posted in blogs are arranged reverse chronological orders, so the older post goes to the archives. Comments are the feedback given by individuals about the particular blog or about the current topic which is under discussion (Rowse, 2005). Analysis of Blog: This work is all about analyzing a particular blog in respect of its context, style, designing, popularity and relevance to the society. The blog we are reviewing here is Golf’s Girl Diary. The blog Golf Girl’s Diary was one of the first blog associated with the sports of golf, owned by golfer Patrica Hannigan. She is from Danbury CT. It is unique in many ways. First of all it is associated with golf and owned by a women golfer. Secondly it is one of first independent golf blog managed by a lady golfer. So the curiosity about the topic of this blog is always on the higher side. In her blog, she has various comments and article associated with golf lifestyle as well as travel publication. She is also well known as she appeared on inside edition and Good Morning America. One main thing associated with this blog is, after the Tiger Woods saga in Golf, she has become a go to voice in terms of female perspective in the sport of golf. The design of the blog is very attractive and eye catchy. Uses of different colors on the home page of this blog make it even more interesting. The home page consist of her info give us an overview of who is she, what she up to and also about the significance of this blog. Her blog gives us an overview of the book Little Tartan, which is written by her and dedicated to all the women who want to be a golfer but not able to be. The overview of the book also gives us a clear idea about her mindset, her ways to look forward to the life and how she takes the life. In her blog post there are links of almost all the golf player who are well known in this sport. On a way one can consider this blog as a small encyclopedia about modern day golf players. Apart from the details of the players there are few videos also which also interesting. Overall the arrangement and structure of the blog is very attractive. Now let’s discuss about her blogs. As she is a golf player it is obvious that her blogs also related to the sports itself. In her blog posts she has discussed every possible minute details, technical ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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