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Thank you for Smoking the comedy - Essay Example

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To my knowledge, in movies agenda setting can be measured by evaluating the number of times that a particular issue is covered in the various scenes of the movie. The more the coverage of an issue in a movie, the more it is likely to draw the public attention of the viewers and influence them to react to the issue…
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Thank you for Smoking the comedy
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Extract of sample "Thank you for Smoking the comedy"

Download file to see previous pages In my opinion, the movie “Thank you for Smoking” has applied agenda setting to capture the public’s attention on the smoking behavior, which is the issue of concern in this movie. In this movie, Nick, a lobbyist for alcohol and pro-gun association is connected to the merchants of death squad and the media paints him as a public enemy and he loses his job. In another incidence, Nick visits Jeff, a marketer and questions him about the incorporation of cigarettes in films and its moral implication. By making frequent address to the moral integrity of Jeff, Reitman poses a challenge to the public to identify the ethical concerns of cigarette smoking, which I feel is an agenda well set up.
Diffusion of Innovations
Diffusion of innovations is a theoretical explanation for the mechanisms and the speed through which information is relayed in a society set up through the available communications channels (Rogers 49). One of the major role players in the information diffusion process in the social systems is the opinion leaders who have a high level control of flow information. This category of people is close to information sources and has many followers who are willing to obtain information from them. Therefore, opinion leaders will make a judgmental decision and pass information innovatively to their followers given that they have the power to control information flow between the people. They form the category of early adopters who receive more attention from the public as opposed to laggards who form the least innovative group. Laggards are ignored by the media since they are the conservative group that adopts the innovation very late and have little followers. In the comedy ‘Thank you for Smoking’, I feel that Nick plays the role of an early adopter in the entire film by forming part of the social system that can access first-hand information in the society. The whole public has all its eyes set upon him as he meticulously convinces Jeff on his moral implication of advertising cigarettes. When he struggles to convince his 12 year old Joey he points out that he is not actually after convincing his son, but the public on the need for moral flexibility. By rolling out information on the media concerning the use of tobacco I find him a rather excellent first adopter. Today, the public has over a hundred alcohol commodity choices and well over thirty cigarette varieties to choose from. The media coverage of alcohol, cigarettes and guns has intensified and has paid attention to the elite in the societies to pass information to the societies, as a strategy to engage innovation diffusion to hammer critical issues in the society. Knowledge Gap Hypothesis The knowledge gap hypothesis refers to the diversity of the economic status of the society and how it influences their ability to access information from the media. The poor in the society have little contact with media information while the rich access the most current information (Hwang and Jeong 535). Given the power that comes along with information, I believe that those who acquire information first benefit more that those who receive it when it is almost obsolete. In this view, I feel that it is a political necessity to care for the poor by bridging the information gap that exists in the social systems. Films such as ‘ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Thank You for Smoking the Comedy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words)
Thank You for Smoking the Comedy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
“Thank You for Smoking the Comedy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words”, n.d.
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