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The Writer's Strike Filler That Did Better Than Expected - Movie Review Example

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This paper "The Writer's Strike Filler That Did Better Than Expected" focuses on the fact that the murder cases are meant to be launching pads for flirtatious scenes between the two leads. Lighthearted questions about whether one would want to live forever and why, if Beckett needed chest implants. …
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The Writers Strike Filler That Did Better Than Expected
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Download file to see previous pages When ABC launched its comedy crime procedural Castle (Mondays,10:00 PM) in 2009, the show was seen only as a filler meant to keep people entertained while the writer's strike was sorted out. Starring the King of Cancellations, Nathan Fillion (Serenity, Firefly) in the titular role and the relatively unknown Canadian born actress Stana Katic (Stiletto, For Lovers Only), the show followed the adventures of crime novelist turned amateur detective Richard Castle (Fillion) who tagged along on investigations into New York's wackiest murders with Det. Kate Beckett (Katic). Using his often crazy and out of this world theories, the unlikely partners solve crimes and heat up the screen at the same time. Created by Hollywood writer Andrew Marlowe and produced by another Hollywood name director Rob Bowman, the show has consistently used Hollywood criteria production values presentation wise and uses only the wittiest, and most imaginative dialogues to move along the plot for the crime of the week. Which, I later found out, was not as important as the romance of the show between the lead characters. Having aired as a strike filler, the show managed to get renewed for a second season and is currently running it's 4th over ABC and its affiliate channels. There must be something going for this show since it has managed to last 4 seasons and actually grow its viewership base over time right? The answer is simply, yes. For this review, I will be looking into the latest episode that aired last Monday night titled “Head Case”. I will be reviewing the episode based upon the following merits or criteria: 1. Story / continuity 2. Production values 3. Acting/direction Those of you who are looking for a crime procedural in the same vein as the CSI, SVU, and NCIS mould should stay away from Castle. If you are looking to just have 43 minutes of comedic banter set against a murder investigation, then this is just what the doctor ordered. The case of the week, which happens to be murder without a body, then the body was found cryogenically frozen, then the head of the body was kidnapped, finally, the wife of the victim was arrested for the murder.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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