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Analysis of the Media - Essay Example

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The institution of the British comedy is one of the most treasured television genres within British culture – and it has also garnered numerous followers in other countries as well. While some of the most well-known examples include the escapades of Monty Python's Flying Circus,there have been many television series that have carried this tradition as well…
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Analysis of the Media
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Download file to see previous pages Occasionally, ridiculous plans will spring up to send them back to Britain – and these plans usually involve the radio transmitter (which is where the show gets its name) (BBC 2010). While all of this is going on, Rene is pretending to be his own identical twin (also named Rene), because he actually created a ruse about his own death to keep the SS away from him. This means that his wife is masquerading as his “widow,” who occasionally fields advances from potential suitors and who more often tries to entertain the patrons with her singing. Because her voice is so awful, though, customers either just leave or shove some cheese into their ears to avoid the maelstrom. In the meantime, Rene is carrying on with his waitresses; Edith generally finds out, but Rene can always talk his way out of the situation. This is helpful for him, because the gay German Lieutenant Gruber, as well as the attractive females in the communist resistance are always making advances toward him. The episodes run consecutively, with the plot continuing from one episode to the next, but it is possible to watch each one and enjoy it independently. When each new episode begins, Rene shows up at the beginning, narrating the past events to the audience and bringing them up to date on his latest imbroglio (Brown 2008). When it comes to the structuring of the comedy, 'Allo 'Allo! emerges as part of a genre that appeared on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean in the decades after World War II. Hogan's Heroes, an American program, was one of the first television series that was able to use the Nazi machine as a source of comedy. The bumbling Colonel Klink, the commandant of Stalag 13, was constantly outwitted by his...
The interplay between Basil and his wife, Sybil, serves up some of the most memorable comedic moments in the show. While she might agree, at least in principle, with his desire to make the hotel a more upscale establishments, she disagrees loudly (and sometimes violently) with his schemes. When Basil is trying a new idea, he usually gets Polly (the maid) or Manuel to help him – and to hide the truth from Sybil. Despite the anger that courses between them, though, it is clear that there is still some tenderness between them. “The Anniversary” is all about Basil's attempt to put together a surprise party for her (which goes awry when he pretends to forget the significance of the day, in order to make it even more of a surprise to her, and she storms out). However, Sybil is not a flat terror; instead, she often has the better hand when it comes to managing the hotel, particularly when there are difficult customers to be dealt with. There are other times, though, when she is talking loudly on the phone in the middle of a very busy scene at the hotel, and her braying laugh and loud voice make her a source o annoyance to others on the show.Manuel may be one of the most memorable characters from the show. From Barcelona, he still has only a limited grasp of British customs – and the English language. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Analysis of the Media Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words.
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