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Analysis of The Media Reaction - Article Example

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 The article’s focus is more on the fact that Mara Brock, an Afro American woman has managed to achieve this success at such a young age and she has been able to manage this kind of high-pressure job with very little experience. The article addresses the diversity represented in the American Landscape…
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Analysis of The Media Reaction
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Download file to see previous pages The president of CW, Dawn Ostroff is all praises for her involvement and dedication to her job and the way she is handling production of two shows and planning drama and comedy for to keep the show on the air for a longer time and get higher viewer count.
What this article does point out is the fact that there are very few entertainment programs showing predominantly Afro American star cast these days. Most of the programs which used to have Afro American cast in the main lead are long over and that the current ones do not reflect this segment of the society that well on the small screen. There is an increasing trend to have 'colorless' themes for entertainment on the T.V. shows.
It gives a significant analysis that though out the fact that though there are more colored actors than ever before they are not getting more work as there are no stories depicting representing their culture.
All the segments of the media cannot be accused of relying on stereotypes when depicting a certain group. Stereotypes are more common in movies and TV shows where colored ethnic groups tend to be shown a typical image associated with them over successive generations. Print media and articles are very careful in not allowing any bias from entering in their news items and editorials.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Analysis of The Media Reaction Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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