Tolerance of boredom or inactivity and expectations of perfection and high levels of performance. title subject: approaches to m - Essay Example

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Consumption and Effects of Media Content According to the hypodermic theory, the media influences people and affects how they react when using any type of media. There is need to delve deeper into understanding how people interact with the content and the influence the content elicits among the audience…
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Tolerance of boredom or inactivity and expectations of perfection and high levels of performance. title subject: approaches to m
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Download file to see previous pages In other words, any media content may result in negative or positive effects depending on the mode of reception and the influence it has in a specific audience. Therefore, there is need to investigate the way the ‘work’ concept of an audience manifests itself in a mass communication environment. To understand these effects, the paper examines issue of tolerance for boredom and inactivity and possible misconceptions of physical and social events in relation to media consumption. Mediated experience results from consumption of media products and mass communication culture and relates to experiencing temporally and spatially distant events with great variation in it applicability to self (Wattanasuwan and Elliott 1998, p.19). The social situation of an individual will vary greatly depending on whether the individual has more value in lived experience with little or no mediated experience, and whether they value mediated experience as having a central role in defining the self. Mediated experience in mass communication has shown rapid growth towards influencing consumer culture in defining the self. ...
Paul Carroll and Mui in a research conducted in the investment forum observed that companies are losing in long-term opportunities due to continued misconceptions about the actual role of social media (Mui, 2011). Many people continue to use social sites such as Facebook and others as broadcasting forums, though they fail to realize their goals in that social media is about creating social events that facilitate talking to each other. Therefore, any social media event has to contribute towards leading people to talk to one another and motivating conversations and not broadcasting. The gap between first-hand experience and the mediated version is clear comparing the effectiveness of broadcasting in non-mediated media and social media sites. The inadequacy of the way broadcasters frame reality especially in media coverage disconnects consumers from the broadcasters (Mui, 2011). Broadcasters will experience more responsiveness in physical media such as in print media where people are hooked to leading newspapers than presenting the same information in social sites. In media reporting, there are many instances of misconceptions between mediated and non-mediated media. However, in tandem with effect theory, consumers are dragged along such content and cannot escape from the media dragnet. Mass media reporting involves numerous cases of misconceptions where consumers are fed with inadequate or untrue information that influences their perception regarding a particular issue. Media houses sometimes have non-objective reports in their coverage (Shoemaker and Reese 1996, p.2).These reports vary from broadcasting false information to exaggerating issues for political or social expediency. Such reports greatly influence the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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