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Globalisation and Tourism and the impact on local and indigenous cultures - Essay Example

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NAME: UNIVERSITY: Globalization and Tourism and the impact on local and indigenous culture "Tourism is one of the largest industries in the world, employing an estimated 220 million workers and generating 9.4 percent of global sales revenues, tourism can be pro-poor, pro-development and pro-environment or quite the opposite depending upon particular practices…
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Globalisation and Tourism and the impact on local and indigenous cultures
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Download file to see previous pages It is about establishing interconnected relations throughout the world. Through globalization one can eliminate the barriers that persist within nations, develop healthy trade, bridges communication errors and shares resources. One of the disadvantages of globalization is that it has increased crime level interstate. Los Angeles is one of the most densely polluted countries of the world. Pollution has literally damaged the entire city in such a way that its impact is very obvious. Tourism is an essential part of Los Angeles economy. Los Angeles is one of those countries that are a major tourist attraction, Los Angeles has the honour of housing the home of all legendary actors that is Hollywood. From amazing shopping malls to Hollywood and an amazing blend of various restaurants, Los Angeles offers everything that a tourist wants during vacations. While travelling the quality and the atmosphere of the environment go hand in hand. The environment is made up of natural as well as manmade things which together build up the tourism in a state. The relation between tourism and environment tends to get very tangling at times. The effects of tourism are very controversial. At times they can be helpful in generating revenue for the state resulting in a fruitful economy and on the contrary it can damage and dent the city's environmental condition resulting in a disaster which can damage countries natural resources. Tourism leads to the development of the place with the construction of roads, parks, malls, resorts, restaurants, hotel, golf courses, airports etc. which eventually build up the infrastructure of a place. "The notion of a tourism system is extremely important when we start to consider the notion of impacts. If we are to evaluate the effects of tourism trips, we need not only to examine where in the system immediate impacts occur, but also to consider if there are system-wide effects that contribute to change in the broader environment. In the case of maritime ship emissions, for example, nitrogen oxide( NOx) have both local and global effects on atmospheric pollution. In the Los Angeles – Long Beach area of California, which is both the United States busiest port and the country's most polluted area, oceangoing vessels are among the largest source of NOx, emitting more NOx than all power plants and refineries in the region's air basin combined. This is significant because as well as being a green house gas (GHG) that contribute to global warming and climate change. NOx reacts with other volatile organic compounds in the atmosphere to produce ozone/smog. Particulates from marine vessels also create significant cancer risks, with an estimated more than 700 premature deaths caused in the Los Angeles area annually by these emissions as of 2008. Because of their often localized nature, the effects of NOx are not just felt in ports, but also along shipping transit routes. For example, Santa Barbara county in California, which has no commercial port, estimates by 2020, 67 percent of its NOx inventory will come from shipping traffic transiting the Californian coast." (Scott, 45). This particularly deals with the marine emission that has damaged Los Angeles brutally. This text ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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