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Impacts of Globalization on Indigenous Cultures - Essay Example

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Impacts of Globalization on Indigenous Cultures Introduction Indigenous people refer to individuals who are members of indigenous ethnic groups or people with historical ties to a particular place before colonization or before the formation of a nation state…
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Impacts of Globalization on Indigenous Cultures
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"Impacts of Globalization on Indigenous Cultures"

Download file to see previous pages Due to globalization however,, this group of people also experience an enhanced ability to communicate globally and adjust their voice after many years of disenfranchisement (Cesarotti (.n.d) p. 3). Globalization, has been defined in many different ways. In its simplest term, globalization is the process of integration among different nations across the globe. The integration in this case takes the form of multinational corporations expanding their influence, trade agreements, communication, and internet, movement of individuals cross borders and the increasing power of multilateral organizations such as International Monetary Fund (IMF). These social, economic and political changes have been brought about by technological advancement, promotion of the neoliberal and the unexploited potential for corporations in foreign markets (Edelman and Haugerud 2005 p.16-22). These forces have had a lot of impacts on the indigenous cultures across the world. The objective of this paper is to explore the impacts that globalization has had on the indigenous cultures across the globe. Globalization has presented itself in different ways, affecting almost everyone on the planet. Its impacts on indigenous cultures more than often are viewed both positively and negatively. This is because growth of globalization has introduced new opportunities to people across the globe while at the same time impeding the indigenous people’s ability to retain their knowledge and cultural practices (Collier and Collier 2005 p.450-460). Globalization has indeed had far reaching effects on the world since it has made the world smaller both virtually and in reality. This has happened as a result of the several developments happening across the globe, especially with the introduction of computers and the internet. Physically, globalization has made traveling easier since it has brought with it modern means of transport and communication including cars, ships and the airplanes. This has helped bring indigenous people into closer contact with other people and parts of the world. Worth noting is that the contacts brought about by globalization have not just been for the benefit of the indigenous people around the world. Instead, indigenous cultures, more than often, have been replaced by superior western views of what the world is all about through increasing access to various modes of communication, such as, the Internet, digital media, television and satellite communication system and increased contact with individuals of diverse cultural backgrounds through trade and tourism. The impacts of exploitation of different parts of the globe not initially touched by the global forces and western cultures have indeed resulted in the exploitation of the indigenous people mainly for the benefit of the world entities (Collier and Collier 2005 p.450-460). The International Forum on Globalization (2006) notes that indigenous people are on the verge of crisis with regard to sustainable development. It goes ahead to state that these communities are good examples of sustainable societies, which evolved in diverse ecosystem according to history. Currently the indigenous cultures are facing the challenge of survival, extinction and renewal due to the effects of globalization according to the International Forum on Globalization (2006). Globalization is seen to have impacted negatively on the indigenous cu ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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