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The impact of new technology on family and work - Research Paper Example

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This paper highlights that technology has had both positive and negative impacts on family and work. Although technology has greatly reduced and saved human effort as well as time spent in doing daily activities, it has greatly affected human life a negative way as well…
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The impact of new technology on family and work
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Download file to see previous pages Technology forms a crucial part of our life since it constitutes the fuel that propels our lives. It is an integral part of human life because it benefits the society by promoting comfort both at work and in families (Freeland 1). Moreover, technology has greatly reduced and saved human effort as well as time spent in doing daily activities. In US, 88% of the American adult population posses a cell phone, 58% own a desktop, 61% posses a laptop, 18% own a tablet computer while 18% posses an e - book reader (Brenner 1).
Therefore, technology has improved human life and increased standard of living. This, to some extent has reduced misery and stresses of life. However, since all things on earth have both advantages and disadvantages, technology has greatly affected human life a negative way (Freeland 3). It has been both a miracle and a burden all together. Some of the problems that human beings face are due to the inventions of technology. Human beings face these problems both at work and in the family set up and this contributes to misery. Thus, technology has had both positive and negative impacts on family and work.
Positive impacts of technology on family and work
Increased connectivity and accessibility
In the current world, several technologies are not only wants but also form a necessity of life. Computer technologies have been widely accepted and used in the entire world. Man uses computer technological functions such as SNS, online face – face communications in video chatting, mailing among others. The use of computers and smart phones for internet surfing has eased information accessibility since workers and family members can browse on anything they want from the internet. (Goyder 21). Such information might be vital for workers performance and for the well-being of family members. Moreover, since most workers and family members join social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook Skype among others, they use computers and smart phones to access such services. The social networking services provide opportunities for people to access information, share, and offer their opinions concerning a given issue that might affect their lives (Hjorth 50). Due to such opportunities, both workers and family members have increased connectivity with fellow workers and other members of family. This is because the social networking sites connect friends, colleagues at work and other family members thus, enabling communication and information sharing. Moreover, both internet surfing and social networking sites help workers and family members by making them updated with current events, thereby getting information at the right time (Hjorth 55). This ensures that they can use such information to plan on activities, which can improve their living standards. For instance, workers can access job vacancies from the internet while students can access information pertaining to disciplines or subjects they want to pursue or they currently undertake. Consequently, the introduction of TVs and the internet has increased accessibility of workers and family members to information. People can watch movies through You Tube, watch news on their televisions, as well as read news posted online from media houses (Lytras & Isabel 112). Moreover, people are exposed to happenings and thus, remain ever informed. This leads to improved living standards and ensures their well-being. Ease of data management as well retrieval The invention and use of computer both at work has greatly improved data storage, organization, management, and retrieval (Winston & Ralph 15). This is because computers have the capacity to process large amounts of data within a short time. Moreover, it can retrieve the same data whenever required, and in the most convenient way possible. This enhances efficiency as well as productivity since little time is used in doing a given activity. Increased innovation and invention The introduction of computers has greatly increased innovatio ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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