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The Impact Of Technology On Social Interactions - Essay Example

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This research paper "The Impact Of Technology On Social Interactions" examines that technological adoption in communication has enhanced ways in which teenagers interact with their peers and family members. This involves the use of simple text messages and through social media channels…
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The Impact Of Technology On Social Interactions
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Download file to see previous pages Her concerns are based on the implications of such communication on social interactions among friends and friends. Although technology has transformed the communication circle in various ways, Turkle and Wallis offer contrasting and similar views concerning the implications of such trends in today’s world. Both authors tackle the impact of technology on social interactions in which people interact with the social media networks and other messaging tools. For instance, they suggest that teenagers are glued to their devices interacting with others. It is also apparent that some students do their essays through the internet where they consult the search engines. The two authors contend that this trend is killing physical interactions and may impose negative repercussions on the normal interactions (Wallis 22-23). Another similar concept adopted by Wallis and Turkle is the aspect of life revolving around the digital devices, including in family and executive meetings. This shows how people have reduced the conversation to the mere connection that they do not want to meet others physically. The general approach of the two articles is how people can change their communication habits to avoid the implications that occur in their lives. The other similarity between the two articles is the different consequences that technology has influenced the modern generation. For instance, children are becoming anti-social and detached from others since they like using Instant messages and emails for communication (Wallis 22-23). This affects their physical well-being and social development skills, especially when they are overexposed to the digital elements. Considering this, the two articles emphasize the role of conversation and control over individual interactions. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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