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A Day in the Life - Research Paper Example

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This essay is an account of one day life experience and how daily activities relate to the societal values and structures. A day in life is a sociological analysis of social structures and intentions. …
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A Day in the Life
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Download file to see previous pages Sociological imagination is a guiding principle that assists in making sense of existence (Bingham, 2008). My day work involves sociological participation since I interact with family members and colleagues or other individuals for service provision. A social structure where I belong is defined as the organized relationships between individuals that persist over time. Functionalists and conflicts theories are sociological perspectives of daily activities since they define various aspects of daily activities. Society comprises individuals or group of people who share distinctive cultures and institutions. No one is an island, so each needs social existence to achieve his or her purpose in life. Social interaction in everyday life The day to day activities involve social interaction where I have to interact with many people to achieve my objective. This is in line with the micro sociological approach that emphasizes face to face interactions to achieve objectives. When I am involved with people at work or family gathering the concept of doing things to impress is a part of daily achievement objective. At work, I need to do my job very well to meet the objective and also to be approved by boss and others. Likewise, at home the duty entails meeting family needs and impressing them to enhance ties in relationship. In social structure, this mirrors impression management theory (Barbalet, 2001). Impression is a core aspect of role theory: how an actor (like me in this scenario) develops, defends, maintains and often enhances social identities through settings, assumptions and other aspects. A day starts by waking up in the morning and interacting with immediate family members before leaving for work or other chores. Interacting with different people assists me in reaching my destination by offering various services. The fundamental key to social interaction’s achievement is the ability to impress more than others. Social structure and social interaction Everything I do in a day revolves around social existence; social structure defines the culture under which I operate while interaction defines relationship gap. Interaction with my immediate family members or friends is informal though at work formal relationships guide performance. These patterns of life make my day easy to manage since social structure and interaction is done in an impressive manner. I assume my roles and execute them appropriately in various settings to fulfill the need for both micro sociology and macro sociology (Barbalet, 2001). The interactions are guided or influenced by the impression management, which entails control of impression others form of an individual. As I go to work this day, I need to fulfill my employment duty by ensuring that I achieve the day’s objective and impress. It is hard work to provide service since different customers have different needs and the task at times seems overwhelming. However, I cannot despair and have to meet their demands to keep the job and earn a living. The job rules have to be followed to the letter. In social interaction, my emotional labor must surpass personal feelings; this ensures that each individual is treated as a person, not a group. Emotional labor control ensures that serving the customers is carried out in a due and diligent manner. In a social perspective of life growth is perpetual and failure with it leads to a miserable existence. Stage theory in sociological perspective ensures that growth is given a priority and a chance with every opportunity. A day’s work is among the steps or stages planned to help me climb the ladder of life higher and higher (Barbalet, 2001). As I progress in the day, my objective is to better ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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A Day in the Life Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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