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Velocity circus - Essay Example

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Velocity circus is the only circus that managed to capture the world in one tent and kept it rising in the sky. This magnificent circus is unique and full of wonders of the world. There is nothing too big or small for their attention…
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Velocity circus
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Velocity circus

Download file to see previous pages... Velocity circus is the only circus that managed to capture the world in one tent and kept it rising in the sky. This magnificent circus is unique and full of wonders of the world. There is nothing too big or small for their attention. They will do a terrific job of interrupting people’s themes. “This circus was established 1987 in San Leandro by Greg Angelo Herrera”. (Seabock 2). He is a genuine San Franciscan and the artistic director of Velocity Arts and Entertainment and Velocity Circus. The persona of his has become synonymous with the exceptional nature in which he demonstrates the quality of his arts and entertainment. When Greg Angelo has time, he goes to lecture at art schools and universities around the United States. As such, he is an active mentor, teacher and advocate of emerging artists. In this way he has been able to keep the circus up to date with emerging technologies and circus performance types. In this way, the circus is revitalized with new ideas and entertainment acts that ensure every second and subsequent visit feel like the first visit. As Velocity circus continues to inspire others by their uniqueness, this review will include: why they are unique, the author’s opinion on how they performed, and why people should actually visit such a performance. I have experienced wonder when I attended their performance this past Wednesday. They knew how to touch the heart of the audience member and enchant it with awe. Ultiamtely, Velocity has this way of tapping into every individual’s inner desires and preferences in circus entertainment and somehow seeking to meet them. In such a way, the Velocity circus in San Leandro is considered to be one of the most diverse, colorful and unique acts in the world. From magicians to flying acrobats; Velocity has it all. Whatever one desires and is interested in, they are bound to find it there. They also add some form of unique touch to their acts and performances which help to distinguish it from other circus acts. Moreover, they are lively and can store vivid images of the experience in ones memory for a long period of time; ultimately building anticipation for a next visit. If I would compare Velocity with other circuses, it would be necessary to conclude that other circuses have the same pattern of characters. For example the clown, juggler and some animal acts. Yet, Velocity has more colorful, distinguished characters and every act is different; not like the other circuses. Furthermore, there are absolutely no animals in their acts. The first performance that I thought was gripping was with regards to the glow in the dark contortionists. “Probably it is the most visual thing you have ever seen” ( Jennings, News Caster ABC 7) .This act exceeded my expectations on every level. Its extreme yoga was able to add a certain element of grace to the performance. I was also highly impressed that she actually trained when she was 9 years old until now. I further loved this act because of the amount of dedication that she was able to put into her performance. In this way you can literally read it in her eyes and her moves. She does it with so much agility and respect that everyone in the audience went silent in amazement and admiration. The fact that she has dedicated a so much into her performance for so many years makes you appreciate it even more. The second performance that was especially noteworthy was with regards to the dancing act. The woman that threw my heart into a wonderful cardiac arrest was named Darkjia. I love the way she danced; it can only be described as something of a dancing goddess. It was the most amazing performance I have ever seen in my life, matching every beat with subconscious moves with her body. She danced like one without a spine; with such much flexibility you would think she has the body of a snake. She has a 3-year-old boy who resides in her home country of Mongolia. At the end of her performance she gives an account of her story. She is in San Francisco doing what she does best to be able to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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