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What sources of information do learner use to get a skill outside of the formal education system - Essay Example

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This learning is not classroom-based and is highly structured. Here, the control of learning process primary rest in the hands of the learner. It is…
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What sources of information do learner use to get a skill outside of the formal education system
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Extract of sample "What sources of information do learner use to get a skill outside of the formal education system"

Download file to see previous pages These sources of information often avail information to the learner although, at times the learner may be unconscious of it. These sources of information include personal learning experience, families, friends, information and communication technology, digital media, internet, community members among other sources.
Acquiring a skill for doing a particular job from people experienced in that line is probably the best way of learning. For instance, interacting with people experienced in rock climbing can help one acquire the technique in the most effective way. Safety techniques for using build anchors use belay devices, use karabiners and quick draws for the beginners of rock climbing can best be learnt together with the experienced climbers who are experts. Also several exercises outside classroom can help one develop a particular skill. Thus several years of gymnastics improves one’s ability to practice yoga. Students may try new things and upon failure to achieve their set objectives, they get assistance from family members (Knight 14). Through family members, a student may acquire a unique skill through copying what the other members of the family do for instance, marrying a vegetarian partner or having a vegetarian parent can make one become vegetarian. Friends from work places or residential places can also help one acquire a particular skill. Therefore, doing and attempting to do, forms the basis of a student’s natural acquisition of skills (Volpe 149).
Primarily, parents are regarded as the primary educators to their children. For instance, living with a deaf parent can help one acquire the skills of using sign languages (Juul 108). Through a strengthened relationship between the learner and the parents, a learner acquire relevant information that help him impact relevant skill outside classrooms. Parents avail this relevant information to the learners through story telling in the form of narratives, spiritual teachings ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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