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Call it what ever you like - Essay Example

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Name: Course: Date: The relationship between Interpersonal Communication and culture development Introduction The concept of the relationship between Interpersonal Communication and culture development has been widely discussed, both in class and from the books…
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Call it what ever you like
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Download file to see previous pages Summary of the conclusions of the article Interpersonal communication has a direct influence on culture development. Open and clear communication between people forms the basis for good and effective public relations. The interpersonal relationships between the politicians have a major influence on the behavioral culture of the voters. The interpersonal communication between politicians serves to depress the voter turnout, through influencing the attitudes of the voters, since the controversy raised by the interpersonal communication affects the informational gains of the voters. The disagreements of the politicians make it hard for the voters to decide which party to support (Hopmann, 265). Thus, it is apparent that interpersonal communication has a direct influence on the culture of the people, based on the techniques and skills applied in the communication. Where there seems to be disagreement and ineffective interpersonal communication between the politicians, which focuses on discrediting each other’s political parties at the expense of disseminating gainful information, there is a tendency to generate a culture of voter apathy (Hopmann, 282). On the other hand, where there is effective interpersonal communication, based on disseminating the individual and party political ideologies to the people, the voter motivation and positive attitude is enhanced. The conflict arising from the controversy of words and the disagreements between the voters serves to cause the disapproval of the voters’ party of choice, which in turn influences the political behavior and political attitudes of the people. Studies have shown that citizens tend to identify with the political network that supports their ideologies and lifestyle (Hopmann, 267). However, the controversy created by the interpersonal communication between the politicians, serves to erode the information gains that such citizens would have reaped from the discussion of the parties’ ideologies, since the controversy seeks to discredit each other’s party pledges, at the expense of informing the citizens on the ideologies that the parties stands for. The citizens then tend to avoid controversies and thus opt out of the communication tussle between the politicians. Ineffective interpersonal communication is the basis for influencing the social pressure in a negative way. The application of good interpersonal communication skills, which amounts to diverging and disseminating gainful information to the public, constitutes a positive political behavioral attitude towards party and candidates choice decision-making (Hopmann, 278). The ineffective interpersonal communication techniques serve to influence the attitudinal effect of the voter decision and their behavioral effects. Thus the fundamental conclusion of this article is that; the application of poor interpersonal communicational skills and techniques does not only serve to ruin the relationship of the two individuals holding a conversation, but also the third parties, who may be interested, or affected by the interpersonal relationship in any way (Watzlawick, 57). This draws a parallel relationship between the interpersonal communication and the social context, where the nature of the interpersonal communication applied, and the context where it is applied, has a great influence on the impacts that such a communication is likely to make. Argument in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Call It What Ever You Like Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words)
Call It What Ever You Like Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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