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Strategies to Build Culture - Essay Example

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Strategies to Build Culture Your name Institution Communication is an essential action involved in structuring a relationship. It binds individuals through paying attention and interaction. Communication is verbal or expressed through action (non-verbal). Effective communication is a paramount strategy used by many organizations in meeting its objectives (Weaver & Hybels, 2007, p…
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Strategies to Build Culture
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"Strategies to Build Culture"

Download file to see previous pages Lastly, a discussion on how this strategy benefits culture within a workplace or school shall be critically analyzed. Teaching becomes monotonous in a learning setup especially in the mid semester. Effective communication is an essential tool to learning and teaching. Inappropriate communication makes listeners to be confused, disinterested, and frustrated (Barnard, 2008, p. 5). Communication in the effective manner helps and guide teachers to engage students in the learning process. Effective communication in a classroom set up involves the use of, group discussion, feedback, and visual aids. Visual aids are used by instructors to drive a point to the learners. Verbal communication is a proper way to articulate ideas and thoughts and educates, nevertheless, devoid of visual aids, learners may not get the whole information. Visual aids capture the attention of the audience who then is capable to keep the information taught. As well stated, through seeing, one is able to believe the information on vision. Group discussion implementation helps learner to own information being instructed upon. In class, the instructor can preserve some 15 minutes to divide students into small groups where they choose a leader, and provide a hand out to each group with questions to be discussed. Feedback is when learners are given powers to put across their opinions. Feedback enables students to effectively process the information, and interact among themselves during the process of learning. Instructors use provoking questions to allow a feedback session continuation. Instructor asks questions that steer up the conversation among learners so as to arrive at conclusions to be taught (Schneeberger, 2008, p 6). Effective communication is a strategy applied at work place to compliment a person for a job well done. This can be done through non verbal communication. In school, effective communication strategy provides students with morale to work hard. For instance, a manager may compliment the junior staff by use of gestures. Such gestures can be either a handshake or patting on the back for a task well completed. Nonverbal and verbal communications apply in the working setup to emphasize or accent a responsibility. Nonverbally, it is manifested through powerful actions, and verbally through the voice of the tone. In school, the manager can compliment instructors for their hard work. This enables a teacher to work hand in hand with students for the sake of excellence in the school, thus meeting the educational foundation goals. Effective communication strategy benefits cultures within workplace or learning institutions to improve instructions. Cultures are traditions guiding actions of individuals, or the adaptive way of living of folks. Rules and regulations are policies formulated within any institution. In a school set up, rules govern the behavior of learners and ethics among instructors and learners. In order to familiarize learners on such rules and regulations, effective communication should take a centre stage. Learners should be informed on what is bad or good in accordance to the school policies. At work place, effective communication benefits culture and improves the working environment. Effective communication builds trusts in the work place. Employees feel motivated if the team leader communicates on any ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Strategies to Build Culture Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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