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My plan for implementing, enhancing, and/or advancing multi-cultural education - Essay Example

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I believe that a multicultural approach towards student interaction provides for the accommodation of diverse groups of students through equitable treatment of the students. This will be my main strategies towards enhancing student achievement in the classroom through diversity…
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My plan for implementing, enhancing, and/or advancing multi-cultural education
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Extract of sample "My plan for implementing, enhancing, and/or advancing multi-cultural education"

Download file to see previous pages Multicultural education is made up by a variety of supports namely culture, diversity, equality, democracy, and social justice. I think that all of these are critical elements towards successful and interactive classroom instruction in multicultural settings. I seek to understand the cultural backgrounds of my students and ensuring equality prevails towards participation and engagement in the classroom.
I will endeavor to strategically place each student at the center of the teaching and learning process through numerous strategies. These strategies will involve incorporating every student’s voice and their knowledge in different forms of dialogue within the classroom. This is important to make sure they all participate to form an interesting and effective education process. This cultural approach will also help the students experience and informative intellectual, moral and emotional experience when they are learning.
I will effectively perform this by ensuring that all students are engaged in group-based activities, tasks and assignments. These group based activities will be designed in a way that each group will have a fair mix of all the different cultures that are represented in the classroom at the time of the activity, and throughout the school year. This will also be supported by ensuring interaction among students of different cultural variation remain positive.
I will ensure that the classroom climate establishes and promotes the respect for each individual’s right to freedom and the freedom to express their culture as long as it does not infringe on the right of the other. These fundamental norms may not be available within the school and educational curriculum. However, by developing norms and beliefs in the classroom and the school that promote the respect for human rights, I will be able to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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