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Professional Development Planning and Design - Essay Example

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The following essay "Professional Development Planning and Design" dwells on the personal and professional development plan. As the author puts it, I am Verbetska Anastasiia, weighing 55 kg and height of 165-cm. I make an attractive personality as well as result oriented person…
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Professional Development Planning and Design
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Download file to see previous pages My competence in MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, and Internet have ignited my reliability to undertake any initiative accorded to me in any field of work. My oratory skills are a match of class for my excellent communication and interpersonal skills for working in a multicultural group for I am conversant and proficient in English, Ukrainian, and Russian languages (Beers, S. 2007:78). This empowers my ability to lead successfully a team of competent people to accomplish objectives and the commitment to deliver the results and achieving the goals within stipulated deadlines. My scaling initiatives have earned my trust from colleagues, superiors, and customers due to positive attitude, integrity, politeness, and compatibility. In these avenues, I have extended an outstanding decision -making skills to solve any emergency problem in a diplomatic manner and in the interest of the entire organization. Key lessons learned from education and training (last 2 years) My education and training have not come with futility as my work experiences have earned me a lesson. For example, as a Sales Executive in a showroom in Ukraine, these skills were instrumental in achieving higher sales for the showroom due to superior presentation and customer relations skills. The virtue of responsibility has also helped a lot for I performed the assigned duties, such as maintaining inventory, loading, and unloading of merchandise, and ensuring customer satisfaction, which assisted in the development of organizational and time management skills. I believe my versatility, not only in holding a valid Driver’s License, my dancing skills of five years have gained my far-reaching accolades and appreciation. It is this appreciation and ability to have the niche and affinity for clients that drew admiration from my former manager for boosting sales during special occasions. Having people friendly attitude has really defined my professionalism and remains as a virtue to hold for long. Current situation My public relations and business acumen strengthened by my ongoing and never-ending attitude I have for serving makes me proud and can declare that I have personal and professional strengths. However, as much as I would want to walk the tightrope of professionalism head on, I am aware of the hurdles I would face and the challenges. Overcoming all these situations successfully as they unfold is what shall define me as a valuable resource. To be a well-baked individual in my current situation, I have learned that the faster I would learn to embrace consistency, practice, patience, tolerance, and professional assets the best would work out for me. I also have to a bolster up my personal and professional strengths and weaknesses to help me eventually develop an action plan for continuing personal and professional development. As a Cabin Crew Member, I know I am a mandate to be at my best if this chance swings to my side.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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