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Does teaching yoga to older adults improve their overall health - Research Paper Example

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Name: Assigned Research Question: Does teaching yoga to older adults improve their overall health? Research Hypothesis: Older adults that are taught yoga do experience an overall improvement in their health. Method: In order to prove the research hypothesis, the best technique that should be employed is to do a systematic review on scientific, up-to-date, peer reviewed articles about the effects of yoga on older adults…
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Does teaching yoga to older adults improve their overall health
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Download file to see previous pages 2. Conducting a survey or an actual experiment to ascertain the effect of yoga on the overall health of adults would limit the researcher’s conclusions to the population in a particular area where he or she had conducted the experiment or survey. If the researcher wishes to make a representative conclusion for the older adult population across different states, he or she can do so with a systematic review. 3. (Related to number 2) Budgetary, logistics and time constraints to making a nationwide or interstate study will be eliminated because the data is already collected for the researcher. The researcher won’t have to travel that long and won’t need to shell out money for the expenses of printing our hundreds of survey forms. This is ideal for college students especially those that still have subjects because they won’t have to take time off of their classes to accomplish the research. The constraint lies on the organization and the selection of articles included in the review because this entails hours and hours of arduous library and computer research wherein most of the articles the researcher will read will not make it to the final list of articles that will be included in the systematic review. Sampling: Choosing the articles will require the library data base of the university as well as its access to different printed and online journals. Articles included in the study should be products of first hand, qualitative or quantitative research which are peer reviewed and came from reputable journals. No review articles will be included. Only articles published within the span of 3 years including the present year will be incorporated so as to keep the information pool up-to-date. The ages of the participants in the articles should be not less than 45 years, so as to comply with the “older adult” category in the research question. Articles should be focused on the effects of yoga on different facets of health (emotional, mental, environmental, social, spiritual, and physical) – these effects must include both positive and negative reaction to yoga. Among the articles that have passed these criteria, a final list of 30 articles will be included in the actual systematic review paper. This will require the researcher to be patient, diligent and exhaustive in doing the selection and making the final cut of articles included in the final paper. Key Variables: Two types of data are expected to be gathered and examined for this review – qualitative and quantitative data. Qualitative data like satisfaction in the effect of Yoga, perceived improvement in the quality of life, and testimonies of yoga practitioners will be collated and summarized then presented as text in the final paper. The qualitative data can also be nominalized and presented in a graph with the frequency of people that was a significant improvement in their wellbeing with yoga. Quantitative data will also be summarized and appropriate graphs will be presented for each health facet. The if data gathered did not use the p-test to statistically validate their hypothesis then a re-analysis of the data and normalization of the data set will be done as to make it analyzable by test statistics that can be ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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