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Literature review for substance abuse-work and identity in substance abuse recovery (adults) - Research Paper Example

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Problems Facing Recovering Addicts and Needs Assessment Plan for Recovery Centres Name Institution Instructor Date Problem Identification Among the primary problems facing adults, recovering from substance abuse is that they have difficulty getting and keeping a job due to stigma and discrimination…
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Literature review for substance abuse-work and identity in substance abuse recovery (adults)
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Download file to see previous pages Conditions such as depression and anxiety also arise with recovering adults where they are willing to work but are cannot keep a job because they are faced with the challenge of coping with these conditions when for instance their symptoms arise while at work. Unemployment is a huge predicament since it is directly connected to access to proper housing, social support and overall well-being. These factors are essential to maintaining a stable life away from substance abuse, which is generally avoiding relapse (Canadian Mental Health Association, 2010). The other aspect of unemployment among recovering adults is explained by lack of skills or proper training that leaves them unqualified as well as lacking in experience thus making it difficult to access jobs. In order to treat substance abuse adults it is necessary to give close attention to the aspirations along with job-related skills of the recovering persons; and at the same time consider the job opportunities obtainable by them. Having access to training and skills-building opportunities places recovering addicts in a positive environment, away from negative influences of fellow users as there is a kind of mentorship created in addition to the presence of a sponsor. This reinforces their willingness and commitment to stay clean and just as important it empowers them. Empowerment is crucial as it allows a recovering addict to be a source of inspiration in their home environment from the perspective that addicts have a genetic predisposition to substance abuse. This means that if they have younger siblings or children they are able to positively influence them and help them steer away from the habit (Tsui and Rukow, 2007). Therefore, it is imperative that training and skills-building services be included in treatment programs. Since the recovery process is a one day at a time process, stresses arising from work, family or society are also a major contributing factor to relapse of recovering addicts. That is, recovering addicts that are not properly equipped to deal with such stresses are highly likely to experience cravings and relapse. It is hence important for recovering addicts to develop positive habits such as meditation and yoga to enable them overcome stress. (Cleveland and Harris, 2009) Another perspective from which problems facing recovering addicts arise from is the fact that every year quite a significant number of adults get out of prison or start parole or probation without the necessary support they require to find and keep a job. Corrections, reentry, along with workforce professionals have long been aware of the critical role of employment in helping these individuals keep away from future involvement with the criminal justice system, yet have lacked an integrated, evidence-based strategy for both improving job readiness and successful transitions from correctional facilities. It is crucial to acknowledge this as most adults recovering from substance abuse are continuously faced with the temptation of getting into crime so as to find a source of income or purely to access drugs in the face of a relapse; leading to their incarceration. Need Assessment Substance abuse recovery centers are constantly faced with shortage in funding which in turn affects their ability to access effective treatments and avail continuous support for their patients. On the other hand, public recovery centers that do get proper funding access it through private health centers or individual ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Literature Review for Substance Abuse-Work and Identity in Substance Research Paper.
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