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Ethnicity and Substance Abuse - Book Report/Review Example

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This paper under the title "Ethnicity and Substance Abuse" focuses on the fact that findings indicate that ethnic groups have preferences for particular drugs. Poverty, though an important cause for drug addiction, the affluent society does not lag behind in substance abuse…
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Ethnicity and Substance Abuse
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"Ethnicity and Substance Abuse"

Download file to see previous pages The subjects covered are: Concepts of Addiction in Ethnic Minority Populations, Effective Cross-Cultural Communication in Drug Abuse Intervention Among Ethnic Minority Populations, Social Ecology and Substance Abuse Programs, African American Substance Users and Abusers, Smoking Cessation Among African Americans, African Americans and Crack Cocaine, Substance Abuse Among Southeast Asians in the U.S.: Implications for Practice and Research, Treating Southeast Asian Immigrants: Mien Opium Users in California, Smoking Prevention and Intervention in Asian American Communities: A Case Study, Hispanic Substance Abusers in the United States, Hispanic Heroin Users: Up Close and Personal, Inhalant Use and Abuse Among Hispanics, Trends in Drug Abuse Among Native Americans, Substance Abuse Treatment for Native Americans, A Model for Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Prevention in Native American Population and Tips and Techniques for Substance Abuse Service Providers.
The main scope of the book is, it covers the problems within the U.S ethnic minority community and throws light with a fresh interdisciplinary approach to the understanding of drug abuse amongst them. African Americans, Asian Pacific American, Native Americans, and the Hispanics are some of the communities that are covered for the purpose of the study. Categories of drugs/substances are many. Some of them are, “Depressants, Cannabis, stimulants, hallucinogens, inhalants, and narcotics.”(p.9) The book provides the worthwhile study, though brief, of all of them. Drug issues are related to health issues. Well researched details are also given about model practices, intervention, and prevention strategies. The book concentrates on ethnic minorities; this, however, is not to say that it ignores the rest. In the ultimate analysis, drug users and addicts form one group, and ethnic minorities take inspiration from their white peers.

The main focus of the authors is to create an awareness amongst the care providers how cultural factors affect substance abuse and cessation, to review and update about multidisciplinary research studies to enable helpful and unhelpful health care practices, to make available practical suggestions to improve community-wide substance intervention and prevention programs.    ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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