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Crash : Community Relations - Assignment Example

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Crash assignment: Community Relations.Short paragraph summarizing problem, why this campaign in necessary This campaign is necessary because misunderstandings and unseen but real boundaries and obstacles between people and races are ever increasing…
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Crash assignment: Community Relations
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Download file to see previous pages Even departments that are supposed to protect people from ‘bad guys’, are not free from racism and prejudice. The movie Crash is an eye opener as to what goes on in the streets that people are aware of but think that the problem is too deep to root out, and hence they keep on living their lives. This paper is an inspirational suggestion that things don’t need to head down that road, the road that leads to the doom. Such an awareness and training campaign is necessary to prevent this society from committing racial suicide and keep them from destroying the fabric of human respect and affection, and to bind them in the bonds of a true community where police and law enforcement agencies also uphold and respect the laws and everything in between morality and justice. Narrative: RESEARCH: campaign hasn’t happened yet ? proposal, what research needs to be done in order to proceed. This is a proposal to start an awareness styled campaign in the LAPD. Such a campaign has never been launched before but it doesn’t make it unnecessary at all. To make a complete proposal, in-depth research and data analysis will be needed, for instance which parts of the city are drenched in racial hatred? Things need to be initiated from there, and then spread all across the city and even the state and the country. The question is what this campaign aims to achieve? As a result of this (hopefully successful) campaign, the project will gather sufficient (useful) data that will help identify the issues that are eating away the social fabric. Human bonding is the way to look forward to a better closely knitted society and without the help of departments like LAPD, there isn’t much hope. We SHOULD look into things To make this plan work and to make it really productive, goal oriented and to actually have an impact on the society, a lot of data needs to be collected, especially people’s opinions about the LAPD. If people simply don’t trust the police department, there isn’t much that can be done. If there is lack of trust, how would that be an easy path to forming a friendly community where police officials are considered sons and brothers? Moreover, as the movie Crash highlights, people don’t have a very high opinion of LAPD. In one scene of the movie, Graham Waters, the official from LAPD tries to help a trapped car victim and the moment she sees him, she gets hysterical thinking he will repeat what he tried to do the last time they met (he had violated her). In the end Waters does help her get out of the car but that emotion she shows is the opinion people have of the LAPD. To make sure we have accurate data in regards with this study, fresh questionnaires and interviews need to conducted, and online surveys will help save time. Plus interviewing police officials and even random people on the street will help – they deal with cops almost on regular basis, they know how they operate and therefore can give a solid insight as to what they believe cops are doing and what they should be doing. There are heroes and there are villains, many LAPD officials have laid their lives to protect the civilians, but that is not always the case, people also remember brutality, bias and prejudice against them. Even cop killers like Christopher Dorner, who killed 3 people with his gun, an LAPD cop, also plays a role in shaping people’s opinion of the police. What the community wants to see from the LAPD The answer to this question is somewhat predictable, what would the people of a city want from their police? Unbiased protection. They don’t want the LAPD to arrest a black guy for only being present at the crime scene. They don’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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