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Progressive Analysis of Manchurian Candidate Film by Frankenheimer and Psycho by Alfred Hitchcock - Movie Review Example

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The paper contains a progressive analysis of "The Manchurian candidate" movie directed by John Frankenheimer and which is set in post-Korean War America, offers a nurture time-space for modern American anxieties about porous social boundaries, and "Psycho" by Alfred Hitchcock.  …
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Progressive Analysis of Manchurian Candidate Film by Frankenheimer and Psycho by Alfred Hitchcock
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Extract of sample "Progressive Analysis of Manchurian Candidate Film by Frankenheimer and Psycho by Alfred Hitchcock"

Download file to see previous pages It can be said that the movie tries to awaken the sluggish nation to the communist menace. The film also seems to be premised upon the contradictory desire to remember by forgetting, it tries to reclaim the legitimacy of the cold war social condition that came from the Korean War to McCarthyism. The concerns of social relations are characterized by a crisis of masculinity, a feminist menace, and an intrusion of foreignness into the national body politics that is personified in the mythic white masculinity of the American national Imaginary. The Manchurian candidate is a story of a lost patrol that was ambushed in Manchuria and brainwashed by Chinese psychiatrists during the Korean War.

The plot of this film revolves around a squad of soldiers led by captain Bennet Marco. Joint communist forces capture the squad in Korea and brainwashed. Sergeant Raymond Shaw who was among the captured fellow is conditioned to become an assassin due to the effect of “brainwashing.” While Raymond was being trained he was made to murder two of his squad-mates as part of his training. A similar hypnotic suggesting is applied to the surviving members, this makes them believe that Raymond saved all of their lives behind enemy lines. The men are released and they return to America, where Captain Marco nominates Raymond for the Congressional Medal of Honor. After a while, Raymond starts experiencing nightmares about the murders he had committed. He does not believe these dreams at first, but after learning that the other members of the squads are experiencing are also experiencing the same nightmares, captain Marco begins to suspect that the soldiers have been brainwashed. This makes him set investigations on the circumstances behind their detention; he incorporated the army intelligence to aid in uncovering the secret mission that Raymond had been trained to carry out.

In the earlier scenes of the movie Raymond returns to the U.S to a hero’s welcome, there was a band and greetings from the top military brass. This is the first scene in which Mrs. Iselin, Raymond’s mother is featured.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Progressive Analysis of Manchurian Candidate Film by Frankenheimer and Movie Review.
(Progressive Analysis of Manchurian Candidate Film by Frankenheimer and Movie Review)
Progressive Analysis of Manchurian Candidate Film by Frankenheimer and Movie Review.
“Progressive Analysis of Manchurian Candidate Film by Frankenheimer and Movie Review”.
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