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Can a well-supported public broadcast system still offer something of value Can content regulations begin to disentangle the m - Essay Example

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Journalism, Mass Media, and Communication Public broadcast systems in the United States operate under certain fundamental principles and professional ethics that regulate their conduct and practice. Upholding these principles and ethics often involves challenges of balance particularly in cases where the public broadcast systems receive substantial support from multiple stakeholders…
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Can a well-supported public broadcast system still offer something of value Can content regulations begin to disentangle the m
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Download file to see previous pages Such assumptions thrive on the notion that the promotion of the government agenda forms part of the policies of the public broadcast systems. However, case analyses have shown that public broadcast systems can still achieve a high degree of proficiency in delivering value in the ways that uphold professionalism and balance. Certain universal thresholds must be met in order for the public broadcast systems to achieve the element of objectivity and trust from the multiple stakeholders. Despite favorable policies and adequate funding, public broadcast systems have to engage with certain fundamentals that relate with the establishment of principles and attitudes that attune with the core values of media and broadcasting (Crook 54). The need to protect the truth and achieve objectivity in reporting enjoins these systems to bind their practices under certain obligations that cover the interests of all stakeholders. Impartial reporting requires the adoption of a range of policies that effectively connect with the fundamentals of business as understood under the framework of change and development. Cases abound where public broadcast systems have resisted the pressure to conform into objects of manipulation by the government. Professionalism entails the upholding of the interest of the majority while still defending the rights of the minority. Well-supported public broadcast systems in parts of the world have played important roles in criticizing negative policies (Crook 19). These systems have demonstrated a capacity to keep checks on public systems despite the fact that they draw much of their financial support from such systems. For instance, public broadcast systems in the United States have been instrumental in providing critical analyses on matters of national importance. Such matters have included policies on homeland security, approaches adopted on the global war against terrorism, government policies on spending, and other factors that involve a range of issues that connect with matters of national importance. In these roles, the broadcast systems have faulted the government on certain flaws in its approach. Such an approach to the practice of broadcasting restores balance, objectivity, impartiality, and professionalism in the field of practice. Public broadcast systems have provided forums for parties with varying perspective without regard to affiliations or stakes. Within the aspect of professionalism, including multiple parties in the determination of processes often aligns with the need to foster understanding and inclusivity across the board. Such strategies are meant to respond to the diverse nature of the society in ways that represent the interests of all. Such an approach offers value in the practices of the public broadcast systems in the sense that they avoid the temptation of sectional appeasement and deliberate misrepresentation of issues. In order to avoid the temptations of bias and prejudicial treatment, public broadcast systems should establish the margins of influence and cooperation in ways that protect the principles of professionalism and journalistic standards as understood within a universal scope. Content regulation plays an important role in determining the performance of the media in a variety of respects. Most significantly, regulating the content of media ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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