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Radio Broadcast and the FM - Essay Example

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The human civilization right from the beginning has starved for knowledge and information. It is this information which actually enabled it to understand the world, its surroundings and its effect of the human's development and existence. The sheer value of the information can be understood with the fact that in this modern world it is this information which has actually translated into a nation's power and strength…
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Radio Broadcast and the FM

Download file to see previous pages... The information was now made available at distances ranging from hundreds of kilometers without the transfer of any physical thing and also the same data was available to a large population at the same time. This technology also paved a whole new way of entertainment and music and the business associated to these industries.
The technology associated to the radio was initially developed for the purpose of transmitting messages in coded format and the same can be termed as wireless telegraphy and found its usage in maritime and sea navigation and for defense purpose with messages being sent in Morse code format. Later it was found that the technology could also transmit human voice. With the discovery of modulation technology, the terms like AM and SW started making rounds and the whole new world of electronic media came into existence. A very simple step that began on December 16, 1907 with the broadcasting of a song by singer Eugenia H. Farrar from the Brooklyn Navy Yard has been the reason behind the very success of today's electronic media. It was Lee De Forest who had facilitated the broadcasting of song on a radio (FCC, 2005). ...
The College radio became very popular among audiences in San Jose. In 1917, with the beginning of World War I with all resources being used for public broadcasting were diverted for defense use and public broadcasting saw a long halt. The radio transmission came under the purview of Navy and the two way telephony was given the importance. But things are actually going to begin rather than facing an abrupt end. The licensed radio broadcasting came into existence with Frank Conrad's company Westinghouse obtained the first commercial radio license and launched KDKA in November, 1920 (Adams, 2003). KDKA broadcasted the election results and the sold radios to the home users. Peace time usage of the broadcasting technology had arrived to make its first broad presence.
The success of KDKA
The KDKA era led to something which can be termed as the golden period of Radio based broadcasting services. May be for the first time in the history, the public was showing more interest to the product than the producers and this public sentiment gets visible with the unprecedented growth in the demand of radio receiving equipments and at the same time the Westinghouse Organization had to work for opening up other broadcasting stations. The company installed the most powerful broadcasting transmitter known as WSJ on the roof of its plant at Newark, N. J. and the same building roofed the studio (White, 2007). The studio was designed in such a way that it was sound proof equipped with several musical instruments. The studio was meant for artists basically single and players and speakers and news readers. The WSJ used to serve a region within a radius of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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