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Radio History and Development - Essay Example

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Radio technology was initially called ‘wireless technology’ which was further shortened to ‘wireless’.This technology was applied where regular telephones lines were unreliable and impractical. The essay "Radio History and Development" will highlight the radio history and its development…
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Radio History and Development
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"Radio History and Development"

Download file to see previous pages In 1872 Loomis, an American dentist utilized atmospheric electricity to eliminate the overhead wire used by the existing telegraph system. This did not contain any diagrams or specific methods (Wikipedia_radio). Marconi, an Italian proved the feasibility of radio communication. He initially used a transmitter to ring a bell in his attic laboratory and then experimented outdoors to communicate further (Wikipedia). He replaced the vertical dipoles used by Hertz with a vertical wire topped by a metal sheet with an opposing terminal connected to the ground. The Marconi conductor was a monopole conductor with no loading coil and the base was driven by a regular power supply. Marconi could transmit radio signals for about a mile by 1895. Marconi equipped the ships with life saving wireless communications, established the first transatlantic radio service and built the first stations for the British short wave service.
Tesla was the first to apply the mechanism of electrical conduction to wireless practices. He demonstrated that intelligence could be transmitted without wires. He initially used the electromagnetic receivers (Wikipedia). Later the principle of sending signals through space to receivers was used. He produced surface waves by adding ground connection to the transmitter. By connecting one of the terminals to the earth and the other to an insulated body of a large surface, longer transmission range was achieved but this was still not public radio transmission as we know today. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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