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Language and News discourse of Turkish Radio and Television(TRT) - Research Paper Example

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Name: Course: Tutor: Date: Language and News Discourse of Turkish Radyo and Television (TRT) Abstract This paper investigates the relationship between Turkish Radyo and Television (TRT) and the public. Acknowledging the diversity of the Turkey society, the study seeks to demystify whether the language in the news of TRT – as a public TV – is a voice of the public or the government…
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Language and News discourse of Turkish Radio and Television(TRT)
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Download file to see previous pages They include, TRT 1 (general), TRT 2 (culture and art) and TRT 3 (youth channel with sports and music programs and live broadcasts from the Turkish National Grand Assembly at definite hours). All together the paper focuses on the television news power discourse that is state-owned, significantly presenting an essentialist image of identity which does not echo the complexity of the members of the public it claims to describe. This research addresses the power of the media, through a number of practices in the selected 3 recent television news broadcast in TRT which clearly shows that TRT is not an objective television, it is serving for the power not public, not free from bias. This is for the purposes of expanding the boundaries for enclosure of the members of the public. Introduction In the present day, there is need to gather, formulate information on the regulation, ownership, accessibility, performance in addition to projections for creating broadcast amendments. The significant factor for undertaking this research is to contribute to the Turkish consolidation. Many nations have made significant achievements in creating democratic systems of governance based on popular control of the media and whereby members of the public are provided with information without bias. ...
Such amendments arise from developing global standards on the subject of media and news media particularly. In its straightforward definition of public broadcasting service is a broadcaster that provides services to the members of the public entirely and is responsible to the members of the public in general. In spite of that, in most scenarios the term public broadcaster is in actual fact regarded as a state broadcaster. This research targets to enable the process of giving support to turning of TRT (Turkish Radyo and Television) into public broadcasters worthy of the name. The research on Language and News discourse of Turkish Radio and Television (TRT) begins from the hypothesis that growth and democracy cannot succeed devoid of open and free public space where all factors concerning lives of the members of an audience can be made public and debated. This means that the members of the public can get a chance to play a role in making decisions in the society and the country at large via TRT. According to Amartya Sen, a Nobel Prize Laureate, democracy is “governance by dialogue”. Sen describes democracy as implemented by the media as governing by means of dialogue where broadcasters are ideally placed to make this dialogue process possible by offering the space for it. This is based on whether their services are available, self-regulating, and reliable and open to the complete range of varying views (Hampton & Roemer, 21). Subsequent to this hypothesis, the significant goal of this research is to find out whether and to what extent news broadcasting on TRT can and do create this kind of free public space with distinctive focus given to the selected 3 recent ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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