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TV Series: Greys Anatomy - Essay Example

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In the paper “TV Series: Grey’s Anatomy” the author analyzes one of the most watched television programs in the United States of America. The drama explores the daily activities of the surgeons, the challenges that the career presents to the surgeons and how amicably they solve their problems…
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TV Series: Greys Anatomy
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Download file to see previous pages The public sphere model on the other hand analyses the role that media contents have on the public. As public communicators, creators of media content have obligations to the public. The main purposes of the mass media content are to educate, inform and entertain. However, in doing these the contents must uphold the societal norms and values thereby playing a part in developing a holistic society. Grey’s anatomy entertains, informs and educates depending on how an audience views the program. The developer lays much emphasis on the essence of relationships both at work place and in social places and he cleverly develops how stress from one relationship affects the productivity of yet another. For psychologists and behavior scientists, the program is educative enough on developing and maintaining healthy relationships. In doing these, the television program uses characters and themes. These require precise balance to avoid misleading the public or imparting vices on the viewers (Crain 71). The program shows at nine in some states and some different hours either later or earlier depending on the time zones of each state. This implies that the viewership is difficult to predict and may include minors. The program runs a parental guidance warning an indication of the producer’s attempt to safeguard the interests of the society by letting only the adult access the contents of the products. However, the warnin ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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