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The Joy Luck Club - Essay Example

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The Joy Luck Club was a Hollywood movie that truly showcased Asian culture. It presented Asians as three-dimensional complex characters. They were real people, not simply the stereotype. It's these kinds of movies that make Asians feel that Hollywood values and respects their culture…
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The Joy Luck Club
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The Joy Luck Club

Download file to see previous pages... There is at the most only one Asian actor out of ten. And the Asian cast barely gets the top part. Unless he is Jackie Chan, he'd probably get only minor roles.
In my opinion, this should change. You don't need an Asian related plot in the story to cast Asians. There are plenty American citizens who have Asian origin. They are what you can call "All American" already.
Mainstream Hollywood films and TV shows often contain a stereotype Asian: geeky, foreign, martial arts expert, domestic or someone who barely speaks English. Take for example the TV series Heroes in NBC. It's about individuals having extraordinary powers, trying to save the world. The plot is very culture neutral. But take a look at the character Hiro Nakamura. He's Japanese and he has the power to stop time. Notice that he has glasses, looks harmless and a little geeky. In Grey's Anatomy - ABC's TV series about doctors, Cristina Yang is perhaps the only Asian woman in the series. She is hardworking and very driven. Again, like Hiro Nakamura, she is bordering on being geeky.
The movies are no better. In Charlie's Angels, Alex Munday - played by Lucy Lui, was the intellectual 'techy' geek. It doesn't matter that she looks gorgeous. She's an Asian woman, she has to be good with computers. In Two Weeks Notice, George Wade - played by Hugh Grant comments on how the good the maid looks that day. He tells her that she looks like a "young Imelda Marcos". The maid is obviously Asian. In The Nanny Diaries, one of the nannies is also Asian. Therefore, aside from being intelligent and geeky, Asians are also portrayed as domestics.
So how is it possible that Hollywood can make one movie brilliantly correct about Asian culture and make a thousand others that utterly misperceive the same Asian culture In my opinion, it's because of lack of thought.
You see, these stereotypes did not come out of thin air. In a way, they have factual basis. There are Asians who work very well with computers and Asians who are into martial arts or are domestics. And we cannot deny that there are Asian tourists who cannot speak English very well. It's true that not all Asians are like that, but they are the ones that stand out. They stand out because their different. Their image sticks to you.
Of course there are also Asians who have been living all their life in America. Who are American citizens and speak English like everyone else. They have embraced the American culture. And it's even possible that they have never actually set foot in Asia or any place outside America. They could be doctors, lawyers, teachers, writers, you name it. They are as normal as your average Joe. But we don't notice them because they are just like everyone else. Instead, we remember the geek, the nanny and the tourists.
In my opinion, this is how the stereotype began in the first place. And Hollywood just didn't take the time to change that. Therefore, even if they make one or two brilliant film about Asian culture, because of lack of awareness and thought, they carelessly continue to stereotype Asians in the rest of the films they make.
The Joy Luck Club did not break stereotype
People may say that Hollywood succeeded in breaking the stereotype. I do not agree. The success of Hollywood in portraying Asians a little bit more accurately in the movie The Joy Luck Club is because of two things. First, this movie was an adaptation of the book: The Joy Luck ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan
As one of the mothers formed a club in China, the name of the book is reflected by this club nomenclature. The mothers try to share their past experiences with their daughters who have grown up in a different culture. While Suyuan Woo formed this club in China during the period of Japanese invasion, she continued the same, even after migrating to America.
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The Joy Luck Club
Her narrative also serves as a bridge between the two generations of story tellers, and she provides voices for both herself and her recently deceased mother, Suyuan. She wonders: “What will I say? What can I tell them about my mother? I don’t know anything.
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Amy Tan's The joy Luck Club
Amy Tan tells the story about the relationship between women and their daughters, mothers, aunts and grandmothers, about life itself. However, there is also a place for the opposite sex in this life. But the readers are to understand the men, depicted in this novel, through the prism of women’s perception.
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Film Review: The Joy Luck Club
The author states that The Joy Luck Club concerns two generations – mothers who immigrated from China, and their daughters who were born and raised in America. The director shows these basic themes, as well as many others, in a variety of techniques. The movie goes back and forth from the present, and back again to tell the stories of these women.
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An Analysis of Amy Tan's The Joy Luck Club
This essay analyzes these two overriding themes of the novel: (1) relationships of mothers and daughters, and (2) generational differences. The final section of the essay discusses the importance of respecting and understanding previous generations, as exemplified by the narrative.
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The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan
The issues relate to the expectations of the elders about the future of their children and the attitude of the combustible younger generation about those expectations. This theme explodes to the fullest extent, when the country is America, the land of hopes and opportunities.
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The Joy Luck Club (novel)
Unlike Jing-mei, Waverly’s narrative represents only the younger generation of the narrators since she has her mother Lindo to speak for herself. In China, Jing-mei finds a new side to herself that bonds her strongly to her mother; a side that she had previously ignored as an American.
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The Joy Luck Club (novel)
Jing-mei and Waverly happen to be two important characters in the story, being the daughters of Suyuan Woo and Lindo respectively. The irony is that irrespective of their disparate personalities and talents, the predicament of Jing-mei and Waverly tends to be similar in many ways.
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The Joy Luck Club
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