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The movie is a reflection of cross cultural existence of long settled Chinese origin Americans and the way their lives unfold in the longer run through the generations. The movie in actual is an adaptation of a novel with the same title and was released a few years back. The…
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Review the joy luck club
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The Joy Luck Club Genre: Drama Director: Wayne Wang Protagonist: Tamlyn Tomita, Rosalind Chao (MASLIN). Run time: 139 minutes The movie is a reflection of cross cultural existence of long settled Chinese origin Americans and the way their lives unfold in the longer run through the generations. The movie in actual is an adaptation of a novel with the same title and was released a few years back. The script unfolded between the events and stories of three generations one after another as they adapt in the originally alien and later adapted environment and culture of America.
An assimilation process from one culture to another has been presented in a cinematic manner in a very crafty manner. The Chinese descent individuals who are settled in the West and America will find a direct co relation to it.
On the individual front, the leads in the form of Tsai Chan and Tamlyn Tomita stand out in terms of the roles performed by them and the manner in which they have carried through the characters assigned to them. Asian American actors so chosen against their roles have enabled them delivering the roles accordingly. The general response of the characters to the American society, their adoption on some instances and disapproval and revolt from within are reflected in the script.
MASLIN, JANET. The Joy Luck Club . 8 Sep 1993. 10 Oct 2014 Read More
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