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Influence on Family Structure in the The Joy Luck Club - Movie Review Example

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The writer of this paper suggests that The four mothers (An-Mei, Ying Ying, Lindo, and Suyaun) formed this club to commiserate with each other over their perils in life. An example is revealed in the mothers’ hardships in China…
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Influence on Family Structure in the Movie The Joy Luck Club
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Extract of sample "Influence on Family Structure in the The Joy Luck Club"

This club helped the women deal with their home lives in a positive manner almost like group therapy.
The negative community influences for the mothers were the expectation of the Chinese toward women. Chinese women were supposed to be meek and mild. Although as seen these women were far weak, having been through harrowing situations. A-Mei mother’s family disowned her for becoming a man’s concubine despite her being forced is an example. Ying Ying’s marriage to the American man that was not generous to her is another example. Lindo’s forced marriage at twelve and Suyaun’s forced abandonment of her twins are all examples of how the Chinese community restricted these women negatively.
The pressure on the daughters are different in America, but the pressure is still present. Jing-Mei, Suyaun’s daughter, and Waverly, Lindo’s daughter, become childhood rivals at their mothers’ urgings. Lena, Ying Ying’s daughter, becomes as passive as her mother to be the perfect wife. Mei’s daughter is treated poorly by her husband until she hears Mei’s story. All of these daughters had the pressure of hope from their mothers. These daughters had their mothers’ hopes pinned on them. Hopefully, the hope was well-founded, but the pressure of their mothers’ hopes was there. Read More
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