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The Joy Luck Club (novel) - Essay Example

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Name of the Student English Name of the Concerned Professor 7 August 2013 The Joy Luck Club- Jing-mei (June) and Waverly The novel The Joy Luck Club written by Amy Tan tends to be the story of four women who had immigrated to America from China and the issues and conflicts they have with their four Chinese-America daughters…
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The Joy Luck Club (novel)
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"The Joy Luck Club (novel)"

Download file to see previous pages Both Jing-mei and Waverly happen to be the daughters of the women who have high expectations of their daughters and do not hesitate to push them so as to make them fulfill the dreams they have regarding them. Also, both Jing-mei and Waverly choose to revolt against the aspirations of their mothers, to lead a life that is in consonance with their innate yearnings and needs. One particular thing about Jing-mei is that she is never able to understand her mother’s high expectations from her and thereby leads a considerable part of her life feeling dejected and confused. Her mother’s expectations from her happened to be unrealistic and not in harmony with what she actually wanted to do in life. Though her mother discernibly encouraged her to be anything she desires to be, yet in her heart she wanted her daughter to be a star. She expects her to be a piano prodigy irrespective of the fact that June had no taste for music and her vociferous protests as, “I’m not your slave. This isn’t China. You can’t make me (Tan 150)!” The troubled consciousness of Jing-mei is extremely hurt by the obstinacy of her mother as she says, “Only two kinds of daughter: obedient or follow own mind. Only one kind of daughter can live in this house, obedient kind (Tan 151).” Thereby, June tends to have a hazy self concept and feels like a failure as she regrets her mother’s misplaced expectations, “My mother and I really never understood one another (Tan 27).” She always felt that she was insufficient and that something really lacked in her troubled life I contrast, Waverly, daughter of Lindo not only happens to be gifted from an early age, but she also happens to be proud and confident about her abilities as she says, “When I was playing chess, I trusted in myself completely (Tan 25).” She never shared the misgivings, confusion and a sense of dejection and despondency that June is required to face for a major part of her life. Waverly happens to be a girl who has a mind of her own and who could take decisions regarding her like, unlike the wavering and mild June. Yet, very much like June, though being successful and independent, Waverly also badly yearns for the approval of her mother. Quiet akin to June, Waverly really regrets her mother’s habit of bragging about her talent for chess and the high expectations she heaped on her. Thereby like June, Waverly is averse to her mother’s perception of her and how she vitiated her life as she acknowledges her influence on her life by saying, “What she said was like a curse. This power I had- I could actually feel it draining away (Tan 90).” Hence, though Waverly differed from June in being gifted and endowed with exceptional abilities, yet, like June she also happened to be a victim of great motherly expectations and the domestic pressure that was placed on her right from childhood to be something exceptional and successful. June and Waverly shared a vitiated and enforced relationship since both of them happened to be childhood rivals right from an early age. Both of their lives were largely shadowed by their mothers’ habit of comparing their talent, abilities and accomplishments. Waverly was gifted in chess and her mother used it as a tool to make June’s mother feel low, a thing that placed both June and Waverly under immense embarrassment and pressure and made them feel inimical towards each other. June particularly feels humiliated by the arrogance ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Film Analysis - The Joy Luck Club - Prajakta Kanegaonkar
It is very tough for the first generation which migrates to a new country, to adjust, to comply and to understand, follow the new rules of a new society. However it is easier for the second generation as they are born and brought up in the new country as if it is their own.
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The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan
As one of the mothers formed a club in China, the name of the book is reflected by this club nomenclature. The mothers try to share their past experiences with their daughters who have grown up in a different culture. While Suyuan Woo formed this club in China during the period of Japanese invasion, she continued the same, even after migrating to America.
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The Joy Luck Club
Her narrative also serves as a bridge between the two generations of story tellers, and she provides voices for both herself and her recently deceased mother, Suyuan. She wonders: “What will I say? What can I tell them about my mother? I don’t know anything.
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Amy Tan's The joy Luck Club
Amy Tan tells the story about the relationship between women and their daughters, mothers, aunts and grandmothers, about life itself. However, there is also a place for the opposite sex in this life. But the readers are to understand the men, depicted in this novel, through the prism of women’s perception.
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Film Review: The Joy Luck Club
The author states that The Joy Luck Club concerns two generations – mothers who immigrated from China, and their daughters who were born and raised in America. The director shows these basic themes, as well as many others, in a variety of techniques. The movie goes back and forth from the present, and back again to tell the stories of these women.
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An Analysis of Amy Tan's The Joy Luck Club
This essay analyzes these two overriding themes of the novel: (1) relationships of mothers and daughters, and (2) generational differences. The final section of the essay discusses the importance of respecting and understanding previous generations, as exemplified by the narrative.
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The Joy Luck Club (novel)
Unlike Jing-mei, Waverly’s narrative represents only the younger generation of the narrators since she has her mother Lindo to speak for herself. In China, Jing-mei finds a new side to herself that bonds her strongly to her mother; a side that she had previously ignored as an American.
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Joy luck club
The film captures beautiful hues of human emotions and also captivates the life of Chinese immigrants in the United States, their joys and sorrows, grievance and gaiety along with their rise and fall. The film is co-written by Amy Tan and Ronald Bass and it stars Ming-Na, Rosalind Chao, Lauren Tom and along with many others.
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The Joy Luck Club
And because of this, is Hollywood changing its' perception on Asian culture I don't think so. We cannot deny that Asians are a cultural minority in Hollywood TV and film industry. In most films, unless the show is about Asians, you can hardly see any Asians in the cast.
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Summary of Literary Criticism- The Joy Luck Club
The relationship illustrated in the novel is a reflection of what some daughters and mothers go through in the real world and the distant relationship they have between themselves. One of the main
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