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Violence In Televison - Essay Example

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Name 2 December 2012 Assignment Whatever one witnesses, one tends to emulate -this sentence holds very true for most people around the world may it be with things like fashion or violence being depicted on television. Movie and television stars are so famous because common people try to live like them and dress like them in order to make their lives feel glamorous and much the same way, everything else that is shown on television is copied and tried by people at least once especially if it looks appealing…
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Violence In Televison
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Download file to see previous pages Moreover, children in society tend to emulate whatever they see on television as a means of living their life for example, with superhero movies there have been so many cases of children trying to imitate superhero powers and jumping off buildings in an attempt to fly. Violence refers to extreme aggression being executed by physical or mental force and occurs when a person gets very angry and is not able to control his anger and is depicted a great deal on television. Due to the same, it does have an impact on society and contributes to violence in society in many ways. (F, Seymour, and Robert D. Singer) 1: Therefore, the following questions is posed; does violence shown on television in the form of television shows, movies and even advertisement have an impact on the minds of both adults and children and subsequently contribute to violence in society? Television programs today have an array of subjects ranging from criminal activities to investigative shows where crimes being committed in neighbourhoods, among families and even on a global scale are depicted and appeal to viewers the most. (Henrey J Kaiser Foundation) From the point of view of the channel or the directors of the show, such shows are mostly in the form of thrillers and suspense which tend to arouse a great deal of interest in the minds of the audience and are thus good for increasing the ratings. However, these shows depict a great deal of violence, which is harmful for audience of all ages to watch. Moreover, the shows may also have explicit violent content which may scar the minds of people. The shows easily portray scheming, violent physical activity, criminal activities such as theft and murder and thrive on these subjects where the criminals are normal people living ‘normal’ lives by the day and committing such activities by night. This obviously has a very negative impact on the audience. These shows that display such explicit violent content tend to get ingrained in the minds of the viewers as they begin to use the language as used in the show, however offensive it might be and tend to act in the same manner as the actors on the show in similar situations. (Anderson, Kerby) For example, if on the show a man becomes violent and aggressive in a petty issue like parking his car or talking to the traffic police, people watching the show tend to use the same angst while dealing with a similar daily situation because they feel that using aggression will get them what they want which may be equal to what treatment the actor got on the television show. (Huesmann, L.R, and J. Podolski) Moreover, if children tend to view these television series and shows the effect is even worse on them because they are at a stage in their lives where their minds are still growing and developing and they are gullible towards all kinds of situations. Many parents and older people do not think twice before letting their children sit with them and view television serials that might not be suitable for them. Violence being shown on television thus gets imprinted on their minds and this violence tends to come out in society when they deal with similar situations. 2: Are children affected worse by violence shown on television as compared to adults? Children, more than adults, are not able ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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