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Sex and Violence on Television - Essay Example

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Sex and Violence on Television Sex and violence on television has become a common topic raising mixed reactions. The main concern is whether, or not to restrict these programs. Although many people would think that the answer to this question is a definite yes, a research conducted by Cynthia Cooper a sociologist revealed otherwise…
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Sex and Violence on Television
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"Sex and Violence on Television"

Download file to see previous pages It is quit obvious that these programs bring more harm that they are the benefits. Therefore, this paper supports the fact that sex and violence on television should be restricted. Programming has become an issue in the last one decade. Though defenders of the programs argue that the effects are minimal, to the contrary, the programs have caused a number of effects. Most of the violent programs concentrate on homicide, assaults, and gang related issues. According to psychologists, when these programs are aired, it becomes hard for viewers, especially young people to differentiate right and wrong. The ultimate result of watching these programs without proper evaluation of the outcome is using the violence as a source of attention. The fact that many broadcasts on televisions concentrate on fighting and murder, it is possible that viewers will copy these actions and violent messages, try to act them out eventually causing harm to others. Although supporters of these programs argue that violence witnessed in the television scare away viewers from trying such scenes, the violence has come on the increasing side (Barrie, Harrison, and Wykes 99). It beats common knowledge that some program broadcasters know too well that their programs are dangerous. At the end of the program, a common message is send to the viewers warning them not to try what they have just watched at home. This means that even the broadcasters understand that a program with violence can easily be imitated causing harm to the society. What astonishes most is the fact that violence is now looked upon as a rule rather than an exception. This is because the many cartoon programs watched by children show how violence is superior to reason (Himilton 174). When these children are brought up with such understanding, they become hard to handle in schools and later become criminals. This is because from their young age, they were made to believe that death is violated by conflicts and threats and these are ethical conditions for existence. The three-lettered word, SEX, catches the attention of both children and adults. On television, sex evolved over time, until it came to become a normal thing. In section one the book, “Sex On Soaps - Afternoon Love & Lust On Television Daytime Dramas” soap operas have increased with many instances of sexuality. The increase of this screening was because sex is looked upon as a shock factor in several places. Although sex can be argued as good to some extend, just like violence, the lesson picked from these programs affect the young people. It is discouraging how televisions air these programs making parents and their children watch them together. Although to marriage people these programs could be beneficial, television have one objective of drawing more viewers thus without consideration of age bring these programs at any time of the day (Arthurs 10). Cases of sexuality have increased among the young people in both primary and secondary schools. At some point, young boys have forced girls into having sex. These are common cases in schools and many of the involved students are victims of sex on television. Rape cases have increased. When an individual who is not married watches a phonographic movie, the emotions force that person to involve himself in an act of sex. Since the person is single, the only ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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