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Violence on television influences viewers to become violent - Essay Example

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We are no longer living in times when people who enticed violence got away with it. However, there is one form of violence that is doing a lot of damage to the society as a whole, and…
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Violence on television influences viewers to become violent
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Extract of sample "Violence on television influences viewers to become violent"

Download file to see previous pages Various incidents have been reported on to the media where television viewers have actually learnt negative tactics from it and applied them in real life. One recent link can be connected to the Asian Subcontinent where a twenty five year old scientist shaved off his gardener’s head leaving him bald after the gardener failed to carry out his work properly one day. When the scientist was later questioned about this act, a striking revelation came forward; the previous day he had seen on the news how a robber caught by public was shaved off the hair on his head and stripped off his clothes and made to walk around the streets of the city naked – this was where the scientist had gotten the idea of what to do with his gardener.
I have always been a believer of the fact that our unconscious mind gains a lot from its surroundings, despite the fact that whatever is happening around us is acceptable to us or not. Similarly, many a times various television programs are being aired which fail to attract our interest at all. For instance, a documentary on Rape in India might fail to divert out attention towards it but our subconscious mind does pick up a little from the bits we hear of hit (Hamilton). Its human nature to learn from their surroundings and the same stands true for young kids. At that age, their mind are highly vulnerable to what is happening around them, and seeing anything on media can instill the image in their minds that it is right. A similar case was once reported in Nigeria, where a ten year old boy forcefully took off the clothes of one of his class mates. The child was later sent to reformative classes, where he confessed that he carried out the act because he had seen something similar being aired on the television and his parents watching it.
Despite the fact that the television has helps us in gaining information about the world alongside keeping us entertained, it can certainly not be ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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