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Political profile of your local congressional district - Essay Example

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Name Professor Module Date Political Profile of Wisconsin’s Second Congressional District Political History. Wisconsin’s 2nd Congressional district is located in the southern parts of Wisconsin. The district covers the Green County, Columbia County and Dane County…
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Political profile of your local congressional district
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Download file to see previous pages She is a lesbian and one of the four publicly-proclaimed gay public figures in the U.S. House of Representatives. The district is a Democratic Party stronghold. For instance, the 2004 presidential aspirant in the Democrat party ticket, John Kerry, scooped 62% of the total votes while Barrack Obama clinched 69% of the vote compared to John McCain’s 30% in 2008. The table below outlines the list of representatives since the district inception to date. Representative Party Date Note District created June 9, 1848 Mason C. Darling Democratic June 9, 1848 – March 3, 1849 Orsamus Cole Whig March 4, 1849 - March 3, 1851 Ben C. Eastman Democratic March 4, 1851 - March 3, 1855 Cadwallader C. Washburn Republican March 4, 1855 - March 3, 1861 Luther Hanchett Republican March 4, 1861 - November 24, 1862 Died Vacant November 24, 1862 - January 26, 1863 Walter D. McIndoe Republican January 26, 1863 - March 3, 1863 Redistricted to the 6th district Ithamar Sloan Republican March 4, 1863 - March 3, 1867 Benjamin F. Hopkins Republican March 4, 1867 - January 1, 1870 Died Vacant January 1, 1870 - February 23, 1870 David Atwood Republican February 23, 1870 - March 3, 1871 Gerry Whiting Hazelton Republican March 4, 1871 - March 3, 1875 Lucien B. Caswell Republican March 4, 1875 - March 3, 1883 Daniel H. Sumner Democratic March 4, 1883 - March 3, 1885 Edward S. ...
Nelson Republican September 4, 1906 - March 3, 1913 Redistricted to the 3rd district Michael E. Burke Democratic March 4, 1913 - March 3, 1917 Redistricted from the 6th district Edward Voigt Republican March 4, 1917 - March 3, 1927 Charles A. Kading Republican March 4, 1927 - March 3, 1933 Charles W. Henney Democratic March 4, 1933 - January 3, 1935 Harry Sauthoff Progressive January 3, 1935 - January 3, 1939 Charles Hawks, Jr. Republican January 3, 1939 - January 3, 1941 Harry Sauthoff Progressive January 3, 1941 - January 3, 1945 Robert Kirkland Henry Republican January 3, 1945 - November 20, 1946 Died Vacant November 20, 1946 - April 22, 1947 Glenn Robert Davis Republican April 22, 1947 - January 3, 1957 Donald Edgar Tewes Republican January 3, 1957 - January 3, 1959 Robert Kastenmeier Democratic January 3, 1959 - January 3, 1991 Scott L. Klug Republican January 3, 1991 - January 3, 1999 Tammy Baldwin Democratic January 3, 1999 - Present Incumbent Retrieved from The incumbent is heading to the senate, paving the way for a new Democrat contestant to battle it out with the Republican opponent. These will be the first elections that the voters will be using new district boundaries based on the 2010 census. The Democrat candidate for the state representative 2012 is Mark Pocan while that of the conservative is Chad Lee. The third party candidate could have been Joe Kopsick although he did not collect enough signatures to appear in the ballot. According to Spicuzza and Barbour, Democrat nominations were highly contested between Roys and Pocan owing to the current ratings that place ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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