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Analyze of the Vibe Magazine - Essay Example

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Vibe magazine is an entertainment magazine that was started in early 90s (1993) by a businessman, Quincy Jones in conjunction with Time, Inc. The magazine was launched when the internet was still very young and not very accessible by the public but only by government organizations and institutions such as universities…
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Analyze of the Vibe Magazine
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Vibe magazine has been seen to be very creative in the way it designs its cover and has used creativity of its cover to increase popularity of the magazine. The magazine has used celebrities such as Rap and R&B musician Mary J. Blige for its cover especially during its first few days when it was launched. The cover of the magazine is a graphical one and unlike in many magazines, the cover of Vibe magazine is usually more creative and graphical. The cover of Vibe magazine always has a celebrity and sometimes a single celebrity may be in the cover for many issues of the magazines, either continually or not. The back cover serves as a feature in the magazines, offering readers a sneak peak of the development in the music industry and also looking at the Caribbean market. Vibe has a clear format which makes it easy for readers to be able to be able to read the magazine and easy for them to find their interest in the magazine as well. It has specific structure such as a 20-question feature at the back of the magazine that addresses reggae music and Caribbean music in general. Vibe has also entered in to the internet domain since the development of the internet and it has an online version of the magazine that is a mirror for the printed version. The online version is even more dynamic and the contents can change much more dynamically unlike the printed version that is a bimonthly magazine and once printed and circulated cannot be changed. Location in the marketplace (competitors etc) The magazine is headquartered in New York and but is in circulation in most of North American country. This huge circulation is probably caused by the fact that rap and R&B music is an American affair that covers the all states of America. The man competitors of the Vibe magazine are other entertainment magazines such as Playboy. However, due to its creative and different from streamline format, the magazine is able to access a different market niche that has not been tapped by other entertainment magazines. Description of general content The magazine offers news about the celebrities in the entertainments industry. The magazine maintains a graphical approach to its content and most of its content is colorful pictures rather than many les of articles. The magazines features in each of its issue a huge volume of rap and R$B artists who are on the pages of the magazine. Apart from celebrity and entertain news, Vibe also features information ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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